MEMS and NEMS Group Sessions
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Session CodeSessionTypeTimeRoom
MN+BI+NS-MoMFeature Session: Large Scale Integration of NanosensorsOralMonday, 08:20 AM24
2D+EM+MI+MN-MoMProperties of 2D Materials including Electronic, Magnetic, Mechanical, Optical, and Thermal PropertiesOralMonday, 08:20 AM15
VT+MN-MoMProgress with Measurement in VacuumOralMonday, 08:20 AM7 & 8
MN+EM+NS-MoANano Optomechanical Systems/Multiscale NanomanufacturingOralMonday, 01:40 PM24
MN+BI+EM+SS+TR-TuMMicroelectromechanics: Relays to RF/Surfaces in Micro- and Nano- SystemsOralTuesday, 08:00 AM24
2D+BI+MN+SS-TuASurface Chemistry, Functionalization, Bio and Sensor ApplicationsOralTuesday, 02:20 PM16
NS+EM+MN+PS+SS-TuANano-Photonics, Plasmonics and MechanicsOralTuesday, 02:20 PM19
VT+MN-TuAPumpingOralTuesday, 02:20 PM7 & 8
MN-TuPMEMS/NEMS Poster SessionPosterTuesday, 06:30 PMCentral Hall
MN+2D-WeM2D NEMSOralWednesday, 08:00 AM16
2D+EM+MN+NS-WeA2D Device Physics and ApplicationsOralWednesday, 02:20 PM16
EM+2D+MI+MN-WeAMaterials and Devices for Quantum Information ProcessingOralWednesday, 02:20 PM14
NS+MN+MS+SS-WeANanopatterning, Nanofabrication and 3D NanomanufacturingOralWednesday, 02:20 PM19