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Session Thursday, November 5, 1998
2:00 PM 3:00 PM 4:00 PM
Sputtering Rate Change and Surface Roughening in SIMS Measurements Using Oblique and Normal Incidence Oxygen Bombardment, With and Without Oxygen Flooding
Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry of Deep Trench Capacitors in Dynamic Random Access Memory
TOF-SIMS Depth Profiling of Novel Si Devices
Nitrogen Incorporation and Trace Element Analysis of Nanocrystalline Diamond Thin Films by SIMS
Quantitative ToF-SIMS Analysis of Industrial Polymers
Secondary Ion Emission from Molecular Surfaces and Overlayers under Noble Gas and Molecular Primary Ion Bombardment
Coincidence Counting in Highly Charged Ion Based Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
Short Range Order and Electronic Structure of Amorphous Silicon Oxinitride
Cathodoluminescence Spectroscopy of Nitrided Si-SiO2 Interfaces
Reliability of Ultra-thin Gate Dielectric formed with Nitrogen Implantation and Thermal Oxidation
Effect of Substrate Temperature in SiOxNy Films Deposited By Electron Cyclotron Resonance
Roughness at Si/SiO2 Interfaces and Silicon Oxidation
Energy Dispersion of the Conduction Band Mass in Ultrathin SiO2 Gate Oxides
Ultra Thin Silicon Oxide Film on Si(100) Fabricated by High Purity Ozone at Atmospheric Pressure
Mixed Silicon Dioxide / Tantalum Oxide Layers for High k MOS Gate Dielectrics Formed by Plasma Oxidation of Si and Ta Using a rf Remote N2O Plasma Source
Thermal Stability of a-SiNx:H Films Deposited by Plasma Electron Cyclotron Resonance
In-Situ IR Spectroscopic Study of the Chemical Process of Si-Related CVD Thin Films
Integrated Real-Time Spectroscopic Ellipsometric and Reflectance Difference Measurements on a Commercial OMCVD Reactor
Real-Time Optical Control of Ga1-xInxP Film Growth by P-Polarized Reflectance
Electron Cyclotron Resonance Induced Surface and Subsurface Defects in GaAs Exposed to a Chlorine/Ar Plasma
Reciprocal-Space Analysis of Optical Spectra
Observation of Adsorption and Reaction of NH3 on Al2O3, AlN and AlON Under Steady-State Conditions Using IRRAS
Time of Flight Mass Spectroscopy of Recoiled Ions Comparative Studies of Gallium Nitride Thin Film Deposition By Various Molecular Beam Epitaxial Methods
Near-Surface Variation of Gallium Nitride Cathodoluminescence with Annealing
In-situ Formation, Reactions, and Electrical Characterization of MBE Grown Metal/Semiconductor Interfaces
Exchange Coupling in Co/Au/Co Sandwiches
Experimental and Model Theoretical Dispersions of Unoccupied Metallic Quantum Well States in Cu/fccCo/Cu(100) and Related Systems
Spin-Polarized Quantum Well States
Systematic Measurement of Exchange Coupling Across the Periodic Chart of 3-d Transition Elements to Understand Magnetization In Ferromagnetic Mn Alloys1
Epitaxial Fe and Co Layers on Cu Crystals
Fermi Surface Study of Pseudomorphic Fe1-xNix and Co1-xNix Thin Films on Cu(100)
Growth Study of FePt(001) L1_0 ordered alloys using a Temperature Wedge Method
The Effect of Oxygen on the Growth and the Surface Magnetism of Iron Films
Magnetic Properties of Ultrathin Fe/Gd and Gd Thin Films
Nanomanipulation for Material Properties, Interactions and Devices
Monitored Mechanical Nano-Manipulation
Field-Induced Manipulation of Ag Clusters for Tailoring of Nano-Structures on Silicon Surface
Probe Induced Manipulation of Bromine, Iodine, and Sulfur on Si (100)
Two Mechanisms of Nanostructure Growth for STM Assisted CVD1
Nano Scale Selective Al Growth on the Si(001)-H Surface using Dimethylethyamine Hydride
Modifications of Thioaromatic Monolayers by Low Energy Electrons
Selective Etching of the SiO2/Si Surface with Low Energy Electron Stimulated Reaction by using STM
Current-Induced Local Oxidation: Mechanism, Quantum-Size Effects, and Applications
Semiconductor Applications of a Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer
In Situ Monitoring of Semiconductor Reactive Gas Processes using Partial Pressure Analyzers
Emission Free Measurement of Residual Gas in XHV Using Ionization by Trapped Electrons in Magnetic Field
Residual Gas Analyzer Ion Current Measurement, Calibration and Partial Pressure Detection Limits
Practical Quadrupole Theory: RGA Characteristics
Residual Gas Analyzer Performance Characteristics
Calibration of Gas-Analytic Mass Spectrometers for Gases and Vapors
In Situ Surface Diagnostics in Plasma Processing: Present Status and Future Challenges
Comparison of Surface Wave Plasma with ICP used in Oxide Etching
An ICP Source Design with Improved Azimuthal Symmetry1
Characterization of 100 MHz Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) by Comparison with 13.56 MHz ICP
Multi-Frequency Operation of RIE and ICP Sources1
Diagnostics in a Novel Capacitively Shielded, Inductively Coupled Plasma Source
Volume/Surface Effects on Dissociation Processes in Ar/C4F8 Plasma
Investigation of the Gasphase of Expanding Ar/CxHy Plasmas
Electrical Control of Spatial Uniformity of Chamber-Cleaning Plasmas Investigated using Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence
Selected Energy Epitaxial Deposition of GaN and AlN on SiC(0001) Using Seeded Supersonic Free-Jets of NH3 in Helium
Homoepitaxial Growth of GaN Using Seeded Supersonic Molecular Beams
The Effect of Scaling Precursor Duty Cycles on Pulsed Supersonic Molecular Beam AlN Growth Rates
In-Situ Surface Cleaning of GaN Using Hyperthermal Molecular Beams
Controlling Thin Film Morphology and Selectivity using Collimated Monoenergetic Molecular Beams
Three Dimensional Modeling of Silicon Deposition Process Scale-up Employing Supersonic Jets
A Novel Real-time Technique for Monitoring Adatom Surface Diffusion and Island Nucleation
Direct Measurement of Adsorbed Si Dimer Dynamics on Si(001)
Ion-Induced Surface Diffusion of Ge on Si(111)
Schwoebel Barriers on Stepped Pt(111)1
Diffusion and Island Formation of Water Molecules on Ice Ih Surfaces
H and O promoted Self-Diffusion of Pt(110)
Adsorption of N on Fe(100): Diffusion and Adatom-Adatom Interactions Studied with Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Novel Diffusion Channel Parallel to Steps: CO on Pt(111)
Potassium Surface Diffusion by Optical Techniques
Structural and Pt Adsorption Properties of Ultrathin Al2O3(001) Films on Al(111), Mo(110), and Ru(001)1
Interaction and Growth of Rh on Hydroxylated Alumina Model Substrates
Growth of Ultrathin ß-MnO2 on TiO2(110) by Oxygen-Plasma-Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Ordered Cerium Oxide Thin Films Grown on Ru(0001) and Ni(111)1
Evolution of Surface Morphology and Growth Modes for Epitaxial alpha-Fe2O3 on alpha-Al2O3
The Nature, Growth and Stability of Vanadium Oxides on Pd(111)
Photoemission Study of Ultra-thin NiO(111) Films Grown on Au(111)
The Effects of High Temperature Annealing on the Surface Reconstruction of NiO(111)
Morphology of MgO (111) Surfaces: Artifacts Associated with the Faceting of Polar Oxide Surfaces into Neutral Surfaces
Surface Phonons and Surface Phase Transitions in KTaO3 (001)
Ex-situ Characterization of Polycrystalline Thin Films
TEM Study of Defects, Domains and Vacancy Ordering in Ga2Se3/GaAs(100) and Ga2Se3/Si(111) Thin Films
Sputtered Deposition of Ni3Al Thin Films
Roughness Measurements With X-Rays Using an Out-Of-Plane Scattering Geometry
Accurate Thin Film Density Measured by Energy-Dispersive X-ray Reflectivity
Structure and Electronic Properties of the Novel Semiconductor Alloy Cd1-xCuxTe
Thickness-Dependence of Infrared Reflection-Absorption Spectra from Thin Film of Anatase-type TiO2 Grown on Polished MgO(001) Substrate by Ar-ion Beam Sputtering
Rutherford Backscattering and Channeling Studies of Al and Mg Diffusion in Iron Oxide Thin Films
Advances in the Characterization of Thin (<30 nm) TiN Films Using SIMS
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