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Session Tuesday, November 3, 1998
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Self-Assembly of a Multidomain Protein: Fibronectin at Lipid Model Interfaces
Nanofabricated Substrates for Probing Single Biomolecules by Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering
Nanostructured Surfaces for Biorecognition - A Novel Templating Approach
Sensing and Analyzing Single Molecular Interactions with Microfabricated Devices1
Nanomechanical Properties of Cellular Components Determined by Interfacial Force Microscopy
Unbinding Force of NTA-M2+--Histidine Complexes. The His-Tag Immobilization Force
Sieving of DNA Molecules in Nanofluidic Channel
Detection of Molecular Ion and Quantification of Pentapeptide on Plasma Hydroxylated Fluoropolymer by Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
Thermally Induced Improvements on SiNx:H/InP Devices
Damage to III-V Devices During Electron Cyclotron Resonance Chemical Vapor Deposition
Anisotropic Etching of InP using CAIBE (Cl2/Ar): Importance of the Sample Temperature Stability and the Reactive Gas Distribution
Hydrogen in Compound Semiconductors
The Interaction of Electrons with Hydrogenated GaN(0001)
III-V Surface Plasma Nitridation: A Challenge for III-Nitride Epigrowth
III-Nitride Dry Etching - Comparison of Inductively Coupled Plasma Chemistries
Photoenhanced RIE of III-V Nitrides in BCl3/Cl2/Ar/N2 Plasmas
Characteristics of Cl2 -based Inductively Coupled Plasmas during the GaN Etching
Spin Transport Effects in Ferromagnetic/Superconductor Heterostructures Grown using Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Enhanced Curie Temperature of GdN in GdN/Fe Multilayers
Unusual Magnetic Ordering at Room Temperature in La-Ca-Mn-O Thin Films
Flux Pinning in Superconductors by Arrays of Submicron Structures*
Low-Field Magnetoresistive Properties of Manganite and Chromium Oxide Films
Epitaxial Growth of Co Layers on Sb-passivated GaAs(110) Substrates
Pattern/Etch/Clean Process Interactions for 0.18um CMOS Gate Formation
Dual Damascene : Etching Process Characterisation of "Self Aligned" and "Counter Bore" Architectures
Low k Polymer Etching for Dual Damascene Technology Application to SILK Material
Manufacturing Issues for MEMS Production
Design of a 300 mm CVD Tungsten Reactor using Computational Fluid Dynamics
Computational Flow Modeling for Electrostatic Chuck Applications
TEOS CVD Topography Simulation Using Surface CHEMKIN and EVOLVE
Plasma-Induced Nitridation of the Gate Oxide Dielectrics: Linked Equipment-Feature-Atomic Scale Simulations
Self-organized Ge Quantum Wires on Si (111) Substrate
Formation and Characterization of Metal Atom Nanostructures on Si(112) Facet Surfaces
Nanotubes and Nanowires: Physics, Chemistry and Applications
Self-Assembled Nanostripes on Silicon
Fabrication of Metallic Nanowires via UHV-STM Lithography and Thermal CVD
STM/AFM Nanofabrication Process on Atomically Flat Substrate for Single Electron Device
Raman Scattering Studies of Multiple Ge Dots on Si (100) By Solid Source Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Surface Oxidation of Germanium Quantum Dots Produced by a Laser Vaporization-Controlled Condensation Technique
Structural Characterization of Organic Overlayers Physisorbed on the Surface of Self-Assembled Monolayers (SAMs) of Alkanethiols on Au(111)
Influence of Lattice Misfit on Morphology of Vanadyl-Phthalocyanine Epitaxial Thin Films and Their Growth Mechanisms
Preferential Orientation of Copper Phthalocyanine Molecular Columns on Vicinal Si(001)-(2x1)-H
Long Range Crystalline Order for Thin Films of an Organic Salt Grown by Low Pressure Organic Vapor Phase Deposition
Control of Self-Assembled Monolayer Film Structure and Properties
Growth, Modification, and Control of the Structures of Mixed Composition Organic Monolayers
A Grazing Incidence X-ray Diffraction Study of the Organic-Organic Interface for PTCDA Films Grown on Self-assembled Monolayers of Thiols on Gold
The Adsorption of azo Compounds on Si(001)
Front End Integration for ULSI Technologies
Transient Diffusion Effects in Silicon Technology
Technology Requirements for Logic ICs
Advanced Deep-UV and 193 nm Optical Lithography: The Role of Resists, Reflectivity Control and Resolution Enhancement Technologies
The Effect of Phosphorus and Germanium on Silicon Surface Chemistry
In situ Boron Doping of Si(100): Effects of Low Boron Concentration on Hydride Surface Reactions
Chemical Modification of Semiconductor Surfaces: Functionalization Using Cycloaddition Reactions
Cycloaddition Reactions at Germanium Surfaces
Binding Energies of Hydrogen on Flat and Vicinal Silicon Surfaces
The Reactions of Trimethylgallium and Ammonia on GaN(0001)
An Investigation of the Surface Reaction Mechanisms of Alternating-Grown Ordered Layers: CdS on ZnSe(100)
Competition Between Passivating and Etching in Halogen Reactions with III-V Semiconductor Surfaces
A Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Study of [(t-butyl)GaS]4 Adsorption on GaAs
Hot Ethene Desorption by Dissociative Electron Attachment of Adsorbed Halocarbons
Combined Experimental and Quantum Chemistry Study of the Disproportionation of Dimethylalane on Aluminum Surfaces
Low-Symmetry DFT Diffusion Barriers and Dimer Dynamics in Homoepitaxial Growth of Al(111)
STM and LEIS Study of Oxygen-Induced Restructuring of Rutile TiO2(110)(1x1) Surface
A Study of the Relationship Between Si/SiO2 Interface Charges and Roughness
The Chemistry and Formation of Ordered Organic Molecular Films on Silicon (001)-2x1 Surfaces
ToF-SIMS Characterization of the Interaction Between Vapor-Deposited Al Atoms and an Ordered Array of Organic Functional Groups
The Reactivity of Surface Defects on the MoS2(0001) Basal Plane: Methanethiol and Thiophene Reactivity Studies
The Influence of Chlorine on the Dispersion of Cu Particles on Cu/ZnO(0001) Model Catalysts
Modeling Molybdenum Carbide-Based Hydrodesulfurization (HDS) Catalysts Using Carbon and Sulfur-Modified Mo(110) Surfaces
Photon Driven Chemistry of Adsorbates
Negative Ion Enhancement in Transport of Low Energy F- Ions Through Rare-Gas (Xe) Films
Atomic Scale Femtochemistry: Electron Induced Manipulation of Single CO Molecules on Cu(111) 1
Surface Femtochemistry: Electrochemistry with Ultrafast Lasers and/or Slow Nanostructures?
Photodesorption of Atomic Hydrogen from Si(100) at 157 nm
Study on Photon Energy Dependence of Laser-Induced Chlorine Reaction on Si(111)
Photoinitiated Electron Transfer to Selected Alkyl Bromides Physisorbed on GaAs: The Effects of Alkyl Chain Length on Dissociation Cross-Sections and Fragment Dynamics
Surface Modification on GaAs(110) Induced by 100-3000 eV Electrons
Real Time Ellipsometry Study the Deposition of Barium Strontium Titanate Thin Films
Optical Constants of Crystalline WO3 Deposited by Magnetron Sputterting
Ordered Binary Oxide Films: V2O3 (0001)/Al2O3/Mo(110)
In-Situ Thin Film Characterization
Direct Three-Dimensional Characterization of Buried Interface Morphology with Quantized Electron Waves
A Novel Design of a Reflecton Analyzer for Elemental and Isotopic Analysis by MSRI (Mass Spectroscopy of Recoil Ions)1
The Interaction of Al Atoms with Surface-Bound Organic Functional Groups Studied by In-situ XPS, Infrared Spectroscopy and ToF-SIMS
How Gaede Was Forgotten
Direct Simulation Monte-Carlo Method for Molecular and Transitional Flow Regimes in Vacuum Components
Viscosity and Slip Measurements with a Modified Spinning Rotor Gauge
Two Point Calibration Scheme for the Linearization of the Spinning Rotor Gauge at High Pressures
Design and Characterization of High Capacity NEG Pumps Embedded Inside the Interaction Regions of DA╬ŽNE
Hydrogen Pumping Simulation for Cryopumps
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