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Session Wednesday, November 4, 1998
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Changes in the Band Structure Across the Surface Ferroelectric Phase Transition in the Crystalline Ferroelectric Copolymer P(VDF-TrFE)
UV Photopolymerization of Methyl Methacrylate and Acrylic Acid on Pt(110) Using Time-Resolved FT-IRAS
Correlations of the Structure and Mechanical Properties of Polymer Surfaces: Combined Sum Frequency Generation-Surface Vibrational Spectroscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy Studies
Hydrolysis Degradation of Biodegradable Polymers A Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Study
Effect of PDMS Segment Length on the Surface Composition of Polyimidesiloxane Copolymers and its Role in Adhesion
Interface Characterization with Combined XPS and TOF-SIMS An Application to the Metallization of Plasma Modified Polymer Surfaces
XPS Evidence of Redox Chemistry Between Cold Rolled Steel and Polyaniline
Evaluation of the Degradation Mechanism(s) Associated with Acid Rain Exposure of Acrylic Melamine Based Automotive Clearcoats
Optical Characterization of FEP Teflon: Pristine and from Hubble Space Telescope1
Understanding the Evolution of Surface Morphology during Chemical Etching
Structure of a Passivated Ge Surface Prepared from Aqueous Solution
Reflectance Difference Spectroscopy of Ge / Si(001)
Second Harmonic Study of Ge/Si(100) and Si1-xGex(100) Films
Silicon Epoxide: Fundamental Intermediate in Si(100) Oxidation
Structure of Ultrathin Silicon Oxide - Silicon Interfaces Studied by Ultraviolet Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Influence of Rapid Thermal Annealing on Vicinal Si(111)/SiO2 Interfaces Investigated by Optical Second Harmonic Generation.
The Initial Stages of Si(100) Oxynitridation by NO: An Infrared Study
Growth and Analyses of Silicon Nitride Thin Films on Si(111) and Si(100)
Oscillating Contrasts Surrounding Charged Defects and Dopant Atoms in (110) Surfaces of III-V Semiconductor at Room-Temperature
Two-Dimensional Carrier Profiling of III-V Structures using Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy
The Structure of InAs/AlSb/InAs Surfaces and Interfaces Grown by MBE
In-Situ STM of MBE Growth Quality for GaAs(001) and InP(001)*
Structural and Morphological Studies of GaN Heteroepitaxy on SiC(0001)
Impact of Deposition Method on the Microstructural and Electrical Properties of Thin Film Silica Aerogels
UHV STM Nanofabrication and the Giant Deuterium Isotope Effect: Applications to CMOS Technology
Scanning Probe Microscopy Imaging of IC Cross Sections
Silicon Nitride Islands as Oxidation Masks for the Formation of Silicon Nano-Pillars
Using the Magnetic Force Microscope as a Quantitative Micromagnetic Probe
Imaging Current Flow in Polycrystalline Bi2Sr2CaCu2Ox Superconductors by Magnetic Force Microscopy
Imaging Magnetic Domains by Spin-Polarized Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy
Imaging Magnetization in Fe and Layered Fe/Co Films Using an Element-Specific Scanning Transmission X-Ray Microscope
Substrate and Growth Related Nanostructural and Magnetic Properties in La0.67√sub 0.33MnO3 Thin Films
Monodisperse Cobalt Nanocrystals and Their Assembly into Nanocrystal Superlattices: Building with Magnetic Artificial Atoms
Fabrication and Characterisation of Micron Scale Magnetic Features
Domain Behavior in Magnetic Nanostructures as Revealed by MOIF Observations
Factory Implementation of Process Control: Technical or Cultural Challenge?
Advanced Process Control and Sensor Requirements for Reducing Non-Product Wafer Usage and to Increase Tool OEE in 300mm Manufacturing
Process Module Control Technology for 300mm Plasma Processing
Using Wafermap Data for Automated Yield Analysis1
Visual Data Mining of Defectivity Data using Parallel Coordinates
Surface Reactions and Hydrogen Coverage on Plasma Deposited Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon and Nanocrystalline Silicon Surfaces
Gas Phase and Surface Kinetics in Plasma Enhanced Deposition of Silicon Nitride: Effect of Gas Dilution on Electron Energy Distribution, Radical Generation, and Film Composition
Atomistic Simulation of Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition of Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Films
The Ion-assisted Etching and Profile Development of Silicon in Molecular and Atomic Chlorine: Experiment, Modeling, and Simulation
The Role of Etching Products on the Chemical Composition and Thickness of the Chlorinated Surface Layer That Forms During Etching of Silicon in a Chlorine Plasma
Reactive Ion Etching of Si by Cl, Cl2, and Ar Ions: Molecular Dynamics Simulations with Comparisons to Experiment
Investigation of Si-poly Etch Process for 0.1 µm Gate Patterning and Beyond
Mechansims in High Aspect Ratio Oxide Feature Etching using Inductively Coupled Fluorocarbon Plasmas
Surface Reactivity of CF and CF2 Radicals Measured Using Laser-Induced Fluorescence and CHF3 Plasma Molecular Beams
Optical Monitoring of Surface Adlayers by Laser-induced Thermal Desorption during Plasma Etching of Si and Ge
UHV Arcjet Atomic Nitrogen Source: Beam Characterization and GaN Epitaxial Growth
Flow Characteristics of a UHV Nitrogen Arcjet
Gas-Phase Diagnostics for Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Development
Fast Deposition of Amorphous Hydrogenated Silicon and Carbon
Inexpensive Corona Discharge Source for the Growth of III-N Semiconductors
Development of Atomic Nitrogen Sources and Atomic Nitridation Processes
Energetic Oxygen Atom Surface Passivation of Cd1-xZnxTe Radiation Detectors
The Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Jet: Properties and Materials Applications
Quantifying Surface Electromigration: Si(111) as a Model System1
Electromigration and Cluster Motion1
Theory of Surface Electromigration on Metals
Theory of Surface Electromigration on Stepped and Islanded Surfaces.
Surface Electromigration Processes on Gold and Copper Films
Molecular Dynamics Studies of Interlayer Mass Transport and Dendritic-to-Compact Morphological Transitions during Submonolayer Growth on Pt(111) Surfaces
Edge Barriers and Mass Transport on Metal (100) Surfaces1
Metal Row Growth on a High-Index Silicon Surface
One Dimensional Growth Behavior of Xe Atoms on Step Edges of Cu(111)
Photochemical Routes to Group IV Deposition
Electron Induced Deposition of Germanium on Si(100): TPD, XPS, and HREELS Study
Photodesorption of Condensed Gases by Lyman-α
Photodesorption of Positive Ions from Oxyanion-Containing Inorganic Crystals
Direct Observation of Synchrotron-Radiation-Stimulated Decomposition of SiO2 Thin Films on Si(111) Surfaces using Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Surface Decomposition Reaction of Trisdimethylaminoantimony on GaSb(100)-(3x1)
Interaction of Ethylene with the Ge(100)-2x1 Surface: Coverage and Time-Dependent Behavior
Interaction of Amines with Hydrogen on Al(111)
Adsorption and Reaction of Chlorine on Low Index Diamond Single Crystal Surfaces
Desorption Kinetics of Hydrogen and Deuterium from Diamond (111)x(1x1) via Helium Atom Scattering
Preferential Sputtering Effects in Thin Film Processing
Measurements and Modeling of Ti and Ta Sputtering as a Function of Target Microstructure and Temperature
Reactor-Scale Models for Rf-Diode Sputtering for GMR Thin-Film Growth
Using Pulsed DC Power for Reactive Sputtering of Al2O3
Suppression of Hillocks and Whiskers on Al Films Deposited onto a Glass
Substrate Bombardment and Heating in Dual Magnetron Sputtering Using Mid-Frequency AC
A Novel Approach to Collimated Physical Vapor Deposition
Microcrystalline Silicon Thin Films Deposited By Low Temperature Reactive Magnetron Sputtering: The Effect Of Using Deuterium vs. Hydrogen
Atomistic Simulations of the Sputter Deposition of Copper
Design and Installation of a Low Particulate, Ultra-High Vacuum System for a High Power Free Electron Laser
Vacuum Instrumentation and Control System for the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider
An Ultra-High Vacuum System for Hydriding Rare Earth Metal Films
Thermal Stability and Sealing Performance of Perfluoroelastomer Seals as a Function of Crosslinking Chemistry
Vacuum Insulation, 100 years of Cryogenics, and Clean Ultra High Vacuum
Method for Measuring Deuterium in Erbium Deuteride Films
Characterization of Aluminum Materials Focusing Electron Stimulated Gas Desorption and Its Surface Analysis in Surface Treatment Techniques
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