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Session Wednesday, November 4, 1998
8:20 AM 9:20 AM 10:20 AM
Structural Characterization of the Outermost Surface Monolayers of CH3 and CF3 Terminated n-Alkanethiol Monolayers Self-Assembled on Au(111)
Fundamental Studies of Phase Transitions in Functionalized Amphiphile Monolayers
Characterization of Fluorinated Monolayers
Controlling Defects in Self-Assembled Monolayers
New Preparation Methods for Self Assembly of Alkanethiolates on III-V Semiconductor Surfaces
The Effect of Solvents and Electrical Fields on the Molecular Conformation in Organic Monolayers
Nanometer-Scale Design and Fabrication of Polymer Interfaces using Polydiacetylene Monolayers
Bias-dependent Contrast in STM Images of Phenyloctadecylethers
Self-Assembling Trichloro- and Trimethoxy- silanes on TiO2(100) Crystal
Surface Preparation and Contamination Control for Advanced CMOS Processing
Dissolution of Cu and Au into Aqueous Semiconductor Processing Solutions
A Reduced Carbon Contaminant, Very Low-Temperature Silicon Substrate Preparation for Defect-Free Homoepitaxy
The Modeling of Excimer Laser Particle Removal From Silicon Surfaces
Chelating Agents for Dry Removal of Metals
Process Optimization of CMP of Dielectrics for ULSI Multilevel Metallization
Nanoscale Corrosive Wear of Ionic Materials: A Model System for Chemical Mechanical Polishing
Studies on Passivation Behavior of Tungsten in Application to Chemical Mechanical Polishing
Studies of the Pad-Slurry-Surface Interactions in Chemical-Mechanical Polishing of Copper Thin Films and Patterned Structures
Limiting Factors in Dense Pseudo Spin Valve and Spin Dependent Tunneling Memory Arrays
New Aspects of GMR Spin Valves: Enhancing Specular Electron Scattering and Using Surfactants for Improved Growth
High Temperature Pinning Properties of IrMn vs. FeMn in Spin Valves
Magnetisation Reversal Studies by TEM of Continuous and Patterned GMR Films
Deposition and Processing of Novel GMR Structures 1
Direct-Measurement of Spin-Dependent Transport Across Ferromagnetic and Non-Magnetic Thin Films
Effect of Noble Gas Addition (He,Ar,Xe) on Cl2-Based Etching of NiFe and NiFeCo
Magnetoresistance Properties in Granular Silicide Thin Films Formed by High Dose Iron Implantation
Complete Solvent Free Stripping of via Structures using NF3,H2O,O2 Ashing Chemistry
Studies of a New High Dissociation Inductively-Coupled Plasma Downstream Strip Module
Lithography for Smaller than 0.15 Micron Silicon Technology
Evaluation of Chamber Liners, in TCP Metal Etchers, to Reduce the Equipment Clean Time and to Increase the Mean Time between Cleans
Evolution Effects of Reactor Inner Wall Surface on Fluorocarbon Plasma Parameters
Studies of 300MM Poly-Silicon Etch Processes Using A Inductively Coupled Plasma Source
Integrating Process Models and Operational Methods
Application of an Inductively-Coupled Plasma Source to Destruction and Abatement of Fluorine-based Gases
Low Dielectric Polymer Etching with a Downstream Microwave Plasma
Recent Progress in the Functionalisation of AFM Probes using Electron-Beam Nanolithography
Surface Derivatization of Nanoscale Tungsten Tips for Interfacial Force Microscopy
Silicon Cantilevers for Ultrahigh-Density Data Storage
Capacitative Force Modulation Technique in Nanoindentation
Nanoindentation as a Probe of Stress State
Nano-scale Observations of Stress-Enhanced Dissolution in Monoclinic CaHPO4 2H2O: Chemical vs. Mechanical Effects
Conductance and Force at an Atomically Defined Junction
Chemical Imaging with Scanning Near Field Infrared Microscopy
Tapping-Mode and Nonoptical Force Sensing Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopy
Development and Application of a Dual-Probe Scanning Tunneling Microscope for Nanoscale Investigations of Materials
Gate Oxide Damage: Testing Approaches and Methodologies
Evaluation of Charging Damage Test Structures for Ion Implantation Processes
SPORT Measured Electron Shading Effects and Comparison with Computer Simulation
Suppression of Charging Damage Caused by Electron Shading Effect in Gate Etching Technology
Modeling of Charging Damage during Dielectric Deposition in High-Density Plasmas
Silicon Oxidation Employing Negative Ion under Transformer Coupled RF Bias
Direct Measurement of VUV Caused Oxide Conduction during Plasma Charging
Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectra of Metal-Etch Plasma Processing Discharges
Spatial Characterization of Plasma VUV Emission in an ECR Etcher
Ab Initio Studies of the Surfaces and Growth of GaN and AlN
Film Defects and Growth Dynamics in Wide Bandgap Epitaxy
Growth of Thin Film Materials with Supersonic Molecular Beams
Selected Energy Etching of Semiconductors by Electron-enhanced Surface Reactions
Velocity, Temperature, and Chemical Composition of a dc-Arcjet Plume
Medard W. Welch Award Lecture - Optical Spectroscopy of Surfaces and Interfaces: Progress and Opportunities
Chemistry and Intermolecular Interactions of Nitridation and Oxidation Precursors on Si(100)-(2x1)
Spectromicroscopy Evidence of Lateral Inhomogeneities for Metal-(III-VI) Semiconductor Interfaces
Direct Determination of the Interplay between Gas-Surface Reactivity, Thin Film Strain and Alloy Surface Segregation: Growth of Strained Heteroepitaxial Si1-xGex Thin Films on Si(100)
Ballistic Electron Emission Microscopy Studies of Tunneling to Surface and Bulk States on Cu (111) Thin Films
Current-Voltage Measurements of Ultrathin Metal-Si(111) Sensors
Electroless Deposition of Au onto H-Si(111)
Growth of Si1-xGex on Si(011): Kinetics, Surface Structure, and Morphological Evolution
Surface Structural Study of Ultra-Thin Si (111) on SiO2
Reconstructed Oxide Structures Stable in Air: Monolayer Silicate on Hexagonal SiC Surfaces
Monte-Carlo Simulation of the Adsorption and Desoption of CF4 on Cu/CuO(110)
Adsorption, Absorption, and Abstraction of Hydrogen on Cu(111) Surfaces
A Comparison of State-Resolved Studies of Reaction and Inelastic Scattering for H2 with Palladium and Copper Surfaces
Energy Dependent Al(111) Oxidation Kinetics
Initial Stages of Al(111) Oxidation by Oxygen - Temperature and Surface Morphology Effects
Comparison of Chemical Selectivity and Kinetic Energy Release in Si(s) + ICl(g) and H(g) + ICl(g)
Hydrogen Atom Induced Decomposition of Water Adsorbed on Si(100)
Nonthermal Effects of Photon Illumination on Surface Diffusion
The Role of Surface Reconstruction in the Photofragmentation Dynamics of Oriented Methyl Bromide Adsorbed on GaAs
The Atomic Steps of Oxygen Adsorption on Pt(110)-(1x2)
Etching of the Si(001) Surface with Molecular Oxygen
Surface Morphology Induced on Metal Surfaces by Ion Sputtering
Direct Observation of Etching Mechanisms of Cu Surfaces with STM
How Predictable Is Surface Morphology?
Restructuring of Non-Square Vacancy and Adatom Clusters and of Indentations and Protrusions at Step Edges for Ag/Ag(100)
Evolution and Structure of the Stripe Phase Reconstruction of Cu/Ru(0001)
Dynamics of the Striped Nanostructure of the Oxidized Cu(110) Surface: A Momentum-Resolved ESDIAD Study
Evidence and a Model for a Chemically Mediated Roughness Transition
Reconstruction of Bimetallic Systems: Ultrathin Films of Rh, Pt and Pd on W(211)
ULSI Metallization and Interconnects
Pinhole Formation in Solid Phase Epitaxial Film of CoSi2 on Si(111)
Investigation of the Structural and Chemical Stability of Advanced Metal Gate and Ultra-Thin Gate Dielectric Interfaces
Low Temperature Deposition of Zirconium Diboride, A Candidate Diffusion Barrier, Using Remote Plasma CVD
A Parameter Free Model for the Simulation of Trench Filling Profiles under Al PVD and Al IPVD Conditions
Energy Dependent Atomistic Simulations of Trench-filling
Sputtered Copper Seedlayer Processing Issues
The Effect of Sputter Process and Target Pass-Through Flux on Sputter Deposition of Co Thin Film for Cobalt Silicide Metallization
Improvement of Morphological Stability of Ag Thin on TiN Layer
Electron Beam Degradation of Sulfide-Based Thin Film Phosphors for Field Emission Flat Panel Displays
Current Status of Field Emission Displays (FED's)
Thin Film and Powder Phosphors for Field Emission Flat Panel Displays
A Poor Vacuum Tolerant, Low-Voltage, Scalable, Thin-Film-Edge Dispenser Field Emitter Array
Diamond Coated Silicon Field Emitter Array
Field Emission Characteristics of SiC Capped Si Tip Array by Ion Beam Synthesis
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