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Session Monday, October 2, 2000
2:00 PM 3:00 PM 4:00 PM
Surface Tools for the Characterisation of Biomaterials
Electrochemical SPR for Biomaterial Applications
Characterization of Surface Modified Microporous PTFE Biomembranes using Surface Charge, Topography and Chemistry Studies
Enhanced TOF-SIMS Imaging of a Micropatterned Protein by Stable Isotope Protein Labeling
Quantitative Chemical Mapping of Lipid-protein Langmuir-Blodgett Layers by Laser-SNMS
Probing the Spatial Organization of Mixed Lipopeptide/Phospholipid Monolayers : Complementarity of AFM and XPS
Detection of Intact Biomolecules with Matrix-Enhanced ToF-SIMS
Molecular Orientation of Annealed Artificial Joint Polymers: Characterization by Soft X-ray Absorption
Titanium-Alginic Acid Chemistry of Adhesion Using X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Microencapsulated Electrophoretic Particle Systems for Flexible Electronic Display Applications
Low Temperature Deposition and Characterization of Polycrystalline Si Films
Ultra-Barriers of ITO with Low Sheet Resistance
The Incorporation of High Performance Silicon-based Devices on Flexible Substrates using Self-Orienting Fluidic Transport
Deposition of Silicon Nitride on a Polymer Substrate by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
Mechanical Properties and Thin Film Transistor Performance for Flexible Displays
Positive Exchange Bias Model: Fe/FeF2 and Fe/MnF2 Bilayers
Asymetry of Magnetization Reversal in the Fe/(Fe,Mn)F2 Exchange Bias System as a Function of Crystallinity
Growth and Magnetic Properties of Ultrathin Fe on Pd(110)1
Real Space Study of Ultrathin Fe Films on Cu(100)
Spin Reorientation Transition in Magnetically Coupled Fe/Cu/Ni/Cu(001) System
Magnetic Anisotropies in Ultra-Thin Films: The Spin-Reorientation Transition in Fe(110)/W(110)
Fermi Surfaces and Magnetic Behavior of Thin FeNi Alloy Films
Highly Spin-Polarized Chromium Dioxide Thin Films Prepared by Chemical Vapor Deposition from Chromyl Chloride
Effect of Composition and Microstructure on Temperature Coefficient of Resistance of Polycrystalline La1-xCaxMnO3 Thin Films
Chips to Power the Peta-bit Network
SOI or USJ?: Laminated Electronics for "Post-Roadmap" CMOS
The Viability of sub-50nm CMOS Technology
Technology for Wired and Wireless Networks
Process Integration Challenges in a Copper/Low-K World
Analysis of Long-Channel Nanotube Field-Effect-Transistors (NT FETs)
Electrical Transport in Carbon Nanotubes
First Principles Study of Electronic Properties of Molecule Functionalized Carbon Nanotube
Effect of Commensurate Contact on the Resistance Across the CNT/HOPG Interface
Ultra-Low Bias Operation of Field Emitter using Single Wall Carbon Nanotube Directly Grown onto Silicon Tip by Thermal CVD
Field Emission Properties of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes Dependent Upon Gas Exposures and Growth Conditions
Study on Field Emission Mechanism of Carbon Nanotube using High-resolution Electron Microscopy
A Carbon Nano-Tube Based Electron Gun for Electron Microscopy
Atomic/Molecular Manipulation with the Low Temperature STM
Fundamental Approaches to Silicon-based Molecular Nanotechnology using the Scanning Tunneling Microscope
STM Atom Manipulation
Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy via Adsorbate Resonances: Kondo vs. Non-magnetic Systems
Manipulation and Inelastic Tunneling Spectroscopy Measurement of CO on Pd(110) using Low-temperature STM
Benzene and Its Derivatives on Transition Metal (111) Surfaces
Artificial Surface Structure on H/Si(100)4x3-In Surface Using STM Tip
Adsorption and Manipulation of Endohedral Fullerenes on Silicon Surfaces
A Surface-Micromachined Miniature Inductively Coupled Plasma Generator
Physics of Hollow Cathode Magnetron (HCM) Plasma Source
Ion-Ion Plasma Formation and Negative Ion Extraction
Large Area Plasma Processing System Based on Electron Beam Ionization
New Development of Plasma Technology for Biomaterial Engineering
Detection of Perfluorinated Compounds by Microplasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy
Gate Engineering for sub 50 nm CMOS Devices
Fabrication of 80 nm PN-poly/metal Gate on Ultra-thin 1.5 nm Oxynitride
Etch Rate Enhancement and Surface Roughening during W/Poly Si Stack Gate Etching Process
A Drift of Selectivity Depending on Chamber Seasonings in a Poly-Si/Oxide Etching Process using Inductively Coupled Plasma
Novel Dry Etch Chemistries for Metals
Experimental and Modeling Results for Process Scaling from 200 mm to 300 mm Wafers
Improving Al Etch Processing in a High Density Plasma Reactor with a Faraday Shield
Transfer Etch Profile Control for 248 nm Bilayer Thin Film Imaging
Conductor Stack Etching: Technology and Productivity
Adsorption of SiH4 on Si(001)(2x1) Investigated by Infrared Spectroscopy
Si(001):As Gas-source Molecular Beam Epitaxy: As Incorporation and Film Growth Kinetics
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of Impurity Dimers on Hydrogen-Terminated Si(100)-2x1 Surface
Adsorption and Reaction of Fluorinated Fullerenes on Silicon
STM Study of Self-Assembled Quantum-Dot Arrays of Sn on Si(111)-(7x7) Surface
Evolution of Surface Morphology During Sb Growth on Ge(100)
Effects of Exposure on GaSe Passivated Si(111)
Temporal Changes of Photoemission Spectra of the Alkali-metal-induced Ge(111) 3x1 Surface
Role of Excited Electronic States in Reactions on Si(100)
Dynamics of Photo-induced Reaction on a Chlorinated Si(111) Surface
Coatings and Surface Engineering for Tough Applications
Influence of the Interface Composition on the Corrosion Behavior of Unbalanced Magnetron Grown Niobium Coatings on Steel
Oxidation Resistance of NiAl and NiAl-AlN Coatings Deposited by Magnetron Sputtering
Aspects of Surface Engineering in the Automotive Industry
Tribological Performance and Initial Finite Element Modeling of Reactively Sputtered Single and Multi-layer Chromium Nitride Thin Films
Tribological Performance of a Novel High Wear Resistant 390 Al Alloy Overlay
Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Substoichiometric Oxide and Superstoichiometric Carbide Coatings for Wear Reducing and Lubricating Applications
Thin Film Disk Contact Start/stop Durability Failure Model: Subcritical Interfacial Crack Growth
A New Mechanism for Hydrocarbon Dehydrogenation on Pt under Conditions of High Hydrogen Coverage
The Role of Surface Hydrocarbon Species during Palladium-Catalyzed Reactions at High Pressures
Effect of the Environment on the Surfaces of Metals and Metal Oxides
Low Temperature CO Oxidation on the Pt(111) Surface Studied Over an Extended Pressure Range
Rapid Reactions on Nanofabricated Catalyst Pt Particles
Co-adsorption and Reaction of Ethylene and NO over Rh Loaded Ceria Surfaces
Reducibility of Model Catalytic Converter Oxygen Storage Materials: Thin CexZr2-xO2(111) Films Grown on Y-Stabilized Zirconia Single Crystals
Mocart: A Tool for Simulation of Heterogeneous Reactions Systems by a Monte-Carlo Method
In Situ Soft X-ray Studies of CO Oxidation on Pt(411): Studies of Defect Reactivity
Recent Photoemission Studies of Quasi-1D Solids
Fermi Contours and Adsorbate Phonon Anomalies for Li/Mo(110) and Li/W(110)
Thickness Dependence of the Unoccupied Electronic States in the Pd/Ru(0001) System
High Resolution Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Pu at the Advanced Light Source
Plasmon Resonance Spectroscopy of Plutonium Metal Allotropes
Lifetimes of Conduction Band States at Semiconductor Surfaces
Oscillating Band-bending at the Initial Stage of Sb Growth on Si(100) held at 60K
Theory of Surface Electromigration on Heterogeneous Metal Surfaces
Direct Measurement of Long Jumps of Pd on Cu(001) using Atom-Tracking STM
Bronze Formation through the Motion of Tin Islands on Cu(111)
Low Energy Electron Microscope Investigations of Pb Film Growth on Cu Surfaces
Comparison of Behavior of Wetting-related Adsorption Transitions in the Ga-Pb, Ga-Tl, Ga-Pb-Tl Systems
Shape Relaxation of Crystals via Layer-by-Layer Pealing Observed in Real Time
LEEM Study of Mass Transport on Si(111)
First-Principles Study of Vacancy Ionization Effects on Surface Diffusion
Surface Supercooling and Stability of Si(111)-"1x1" High Temperature Phase
The Effect of Atomic Layer CVD Flow Parameters on the Growth Orientation of AlN Thin Films
Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) Films for Advanced Capacitors
Tungsten Atomic Layer Deposition: Nucleation and Growth on Oxide Surfaces
Radical Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) of Diffusion Barrier Films at Low Temperatures
Vacuum Beam Studies of Radical Enhanced Atomic Layer Chemical Vapor Deposition
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