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Session Monday, October 2, 2000
8:20 AM 9:20 AM
Suspended Lipid Bilayers on Porous Alumina Surfaces
Formation and Characterization of Stabilized Supported Phospholipid Bilayers
Regulating Molecular Recognition and Self-assembly via Mechanical Forces: The Cell Adhesion Protein Fibronectin at Phospholipid Interfaces
New Methods for Patterning Fluid Lipid Bilayer Membranes on Solid Supports
The Interaction of Phospholipid Vesicles with Binary Alkanethiol/Hydroxythiol Monolayers
Formation of 2D Crystals of Proteins on Solid Supports, and Their Application for Immobilizing Molecules or Particles
Valence Model Based Correction of Ultra Shallow Depth Profiles
Analysis of Ultra-thin Oxynitride Layers by TOF-SIMS
Ion Beam Studies of Ultrathin Metal Oxide Dielectrics
Matching the High Dose Ultra Shallow As Doping Profiles Measured by X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy, Magnetic Sector Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry and Low Energy Quadrupole Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
XPS Characterization of NO Oxynitride Films using Chemical Profiling
The Effect of Ion Acceleration Voltage on Interface Resolution During Depth Profiling and the Application of Advanced Data Analysis Techniques
Quantitative Comparison between AES and SIMS Depth Profiles of a Double Layer Structure of AlAs in GaAs Using the MRI-model
Spin Polarized Photoemission Study of Magnetite Films: Extraction of the Bulk Polarization via a Substrate Overlayer Model
Magnetic Dichroism in the Soft X ray Absorption Region of NiMnSb Ferromagnetic Alloy
Cu Metallic Quantum Well State Dispersions in the Cu/fccFe/Cu(100) System
On the Evolution of Magnetic Moments of Fe in FeCo(100) & FeNi(100) Alloy Films
X-Ray and Neutron Scattering Studies of Magnetic Roughness in Thin Magnetic Films
Diffuse X-Ray Resonant Magnetic Scattering (DXRMS) of Thin Magnetic Films on Anisotropic Substrates
Control of Surface Roughness during Nanoscale Multilayer Deposition by Adding Surfactants
Inline Quality Analysis in MBE Manufacturing of AlGaAs/InGaAs pHEMT Structure Using Photoreflectance and Contactless Electromodulation Spectroscopy
Three Dimensional Reconstruction Metrology by Combinatory Multiple Parameter Characterization and Scanning Probe Microscopy
Application of Scanning Capacitance Microscopy to the Characterization of Semiconductor Device Operation
Metrology with Electron Beams - The Current State and Future Directions
Limitations of SIMS Depth Profiling for Shallow Implant and Thin Gate Dielectric Metrology
Surface Interactions Used to Probe Metallic Carbon Nanotubes
Purification and Functionalization of Single-wall Carbon Nanotubes
Chemical Functionalization of Single-Walled and Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes through Ion Bombardment: Predictions from Molecular Dynamics Simulations Nanotubes
A Novel Mechanism of Hydrogen Storage in Carbon Nanotubes
Local Solvation Shell Measurement in Water using a Carbon Nanotube Probe
Single Wall Nanotube Probes for Structural and Functional Imaging in Fluid
Nonlinear Optical Properties of Some Polymer/Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube Composites
Plasma-Assisted Etching Processes for Dielectric Materials: Technological Challenges and Elementary Processes on Planar Surfaces and in Microstructures
Observation of Surface Reaction Layers formed in Highly Selective SiO2 Etch Process
Early-stage Modification of SiO2 Surface in Fluorocarbon Plasma for Selective Etching Over Si
Silicon Etch Yields and Etching Chemistry in F2, Cl2, Br2, and HBr High Density Plasmas
Studies on SiFx Radicals in Fluorosilane Plasmas Used for Silicon Etching and Deposition
Ion Energy Distributions at the RF-Biased Electrode in an Inductively-Driven Discharge
The Influence of High Density Plasma on TiN Films Deposited by Ionized Physical Vapor Deposition
Atomic-Order Thermal Nitridation of Si(100) and Subsequent Epitaxial Growth of Si
The Role of Inter-dimer Interactions in NH3 Dissociation on Si(100) - (2 x 1)
Quantum Chemical Study of Silicon Nitride Deposition Using Ammonia
Thermal Nitridation of Ultrathin Silicon Dioxide Films Using NH3 Gas
Probing the Chemistry of Dielectric Thin Film Growth on Si Surfaces
Thickness Control of an Ultrathin Oxide Film on Si(100)2x1 Synthesized by Ozone: A Kinetic Study on Initial Oxidation
FTIR at Liquid/Solid Interfaces: In-situ Studies of HF Etching of SiO2 on Si(100)
Integration of Epitaxial Oxide and Nitride Heterostructures with Dissimilar Substrates by Pd-In Wafer Bonding and Laser Lift-off
Growth of SiGe Alloys on Strain-Engineered Si on Insulator (SOI) Substrates
Techniques and Interface Effects in Creating Alternative Substrates using GaAs Wafer Bonding
Relaxation of SiGe Films on Silicon-on-Insulator Substrates Utilizing Borosilicate Glass
Growth of Single Crystalline AlN on Si(111) using Surface Reconstruction Induced Epitaxy
Enhanced Thermal Stability of Au Film on GaN by Thin Cr Interfacial Layer
Effects of Hydrogen on the Properties of Cu(TMVS)(hfac) Sourced CVD Copper Films
Plasma Deposition of Hard and Thermal Resistant Coatings in the System Si-B-C-N
Structure and Mechanical Properties of Ti-Si-C Coatings Fabricated by Sputtering and Pulsed Laser Deposition
Hard and Superhard Coatings - A Review
Unbalanced Magnetron Sputter Deposition of Al-Ti Ceramic Coating for High Speed Milling Application
Thermal Stability and Mechanical Properties of Nano-scale W/ZrN Multilayers
Growth and Characterization of ZrN/ZrB2 Nanolayered Coatings for High Temperature Applications
Fabrication of Al-Pt Coating on Ni Base Superalloys and Studies of Their Structure
STM Study of H - Al (111): From Alane-Formation Reactions to Absorption-Induced Roughening
Dynamic Imaging and Chemical Probing on the Atomic Scale: NO/H2 and NO2/H2 on Pt
STM Studies on Model Systems Relevant for Catalysis
Reactivity of Carbonate and Chemisorption of Carbon Dioxide on Ag(110):A Combined STM, LEED, and TPRS Study
Surface Structure and Chemical Properties of a MnO/Rh(100) Model Catalyst
Adsorption and Reaction on Oxide-supported Pd, Rh and Ir Particles
Reactive Intermediate Species on WO3 Resolved at the Atomic Scale during Alcohol Dehydration
Homoepitaxial Growth of Ni on Ni(110) : Surface with Anisotropic Diffusivity and Energy Barriers
Thermodynamics of Thin Film Alloys: Experimental and Theoretical Study of Ag and Co on Ru(0001)
Theory of the Nucleation and Growth of Iron on GaAs
Nucleation and Growth in Metal-on-Metal Epitaxy - Complications beyond Simple Systems
Preferential Nucleation of Metal Nanoclusters on S(4x4)/W(111)
Ultra-thin Al Films Grown Epitaxially on CaF2/Si(111)
Out of the Vacuum - Into the Liquid
Probing Interaction Potentials Between Surfaces in Water
Determination of Molecular Structure at Polymer Interfaces by Sum-Frequency Generation
Nanocrystal Surface Melting -- A UHV X-ray Diffraction Study on n-Pb
How to Study a High-Vapor Pressure Liquid under Ultrahigh Vacuum: Organic Chemistry at and near the Surface of Sulfuric Acid
Atomic Structure of Sulfide Natural Crystal Surfaces by Combined Photoelectron Imaging and Diffraction Methods
DNA Sequence Information Obtained by TOF-SIMS Analysis
Atomic Layer Deposition of Microelectronic Materials: The Present Status and Future Challenges
Atomic Layer Deposition of BN Using Sequential Exposures of BCl3 and NH3
Thermal Stability of Si and C Atomic Layers Formed on Ge(100) in Silane and Methylsilane Reactions
Selective Growth of ZnO Thin Film on Microprinted Si Substrate
Electrical Characterization of Ultrathin Al2O3 Films Grown by Atomic Layer Deposition in a Viscous Flow Reactor
A Study on the Characteristics of TiAlN Thin Film Deposited by Atomic Layer Chemical Vapor Deposition Method
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