AVS 68 WeA Sessions , Wednesday, November 9, 2022 2:20 PM

Wednesday Afternoon

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Session Code Topic Session Name
2D+EM+MI-WeA 2D 2D Materials: Charge Density Waves, Magnetism, and Superconductivity
AC+LS+MI-WeA AC Chemistry and Physics of the Actinides/Rare Earths
AS+CA+HC+LS-WeA AS Shining a Light on Surface Chemical Metrology: In Memory of Martin Seah
EM-WeA EM Compound Semiconductors
HC+AS+SS-WeA HC Bridging Gaps II: Single Atom Alloys and Desirable Defects
HI+AP-WeA HI Emerging Ion Sources, Optics, & Applications
MI-WeA MI Spin Landscape II (Magnetic Structures in Real and Momentum Space)
NS1+BI-WeA NS Nanopore Sensing and Fabrication, Operation and Metrology of Biodevices
NS2+AS+EM-WeA NS Scanning Probe Metrology of 1D and 2D Materials
PS1+AP-WeA PS Plasma Assisted Atomic Layer Etching
PS2+SE-WeA PS Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas and their Applications
QS+EM+MN+NS-WeA QS Systems and Devices for Quantum Information
SE+MN+PS+TF-WeA SE Vapor Deposition Technologies and New Trends in Surface Engineering
SS+AS-WeA SS Memorial Session in Honor of Patricia Thiel I
TF1+AP-WeA TF Manufacturing and Scale-Up of CVD and (Spatial) ALD
TF2-WeA TF Solution Based and Graphene or Polymer Deposition Techniques
Abstract Timeline | Time Periods | Topics | Schedule Overview