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Session Friday, November 11, 2022
8:20 AM 9:20 AM 10:20 AM 11:20 AM
Printable Electrochemical Biosensors based on 2D and 3D Graphene
A Large Area Selective Emitter for Thermophotovoltaic Applications
Advanced Two-Dimensional Nanohybrids for Efficient Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution
Bandstructure Engineering in Two-Dimensional Semiconductors
Graphene – Ferritin Interface Unpins Fermi-Level and Induces Temperature Dependent Coherent Tunneling Across Biomolecular Junctions
The Influence of Selenium Incorporation on the HER Catalytic Activity of Electrodeposited Se-MoSx Electrocatalysts
Two-Dimensional Skintronics
Ultrasonic-Assisted Assembly of Metal Nanoparticles within Graphene Oxide for Tailoring Stem Cell Response
AQS Workshop Opening Remarks
Electronic Excitations of Defects in Semiconductors – First-Principles Simulations and Quantum Embedding
Running Quantum Circuits on a Neutral Atom Quantum Computer
Unitary Coupled Cluster Ansatz as an Efficient Way to Perform Electronic Structure Calculations
AQS Panel Discussion
AVS Quantum Workshop Closing Remarks
Piezoelectric Adjustable X-ray Optics
Oxide and Nitride Ferroelectric Wurtzite Crystals
Development and Processing of Al1-xScxN (x<0.40) Films for Resonator and Filter Applications
Formation of Aluminum Scandium Nitride Microelectromechanical Systems Via Etching in Aqueous Potassium Hydroxide (KOH)
Interface Reactions During the Ferroelectric Switching of HfZrO Thin Films on InAs
The Effect of Hf Doping on Piezomagnetic Properties of FeCo for Magnetoelectric Heterostructure Devices
Two-Dimensional Steep-Slope Transistors Using Graphene Cold Sources
High Performance, RF Interposer Fabrication on Glass with 3 Metal Layers and Embedded TGVs
Single Step Fabrication Process of Alignment Markers for Direct-Write Electron Beam Lithography in Metal-Organic Negative Tone Resist
Non-Destructive Metrology Techniques for Characterizing a-C Hard Mask Films in 3D NAND Structures
Helium and Hydrogen Plasmas Interaction with Si-Based Materials for Advanced Etch Applications: Insights from MD Simulations
Efficient Parametric Nonlinear Model Reduction of Low Temperature Plasma Applications
Novel Approaches to Generate Missing Data for Plasma Chemistry Modeling
Particle-in-Cell Modeling of Electron-Beam Generated Low Electron Temperature Plasma
Modeling Edge Effects in Wafer Etching with VSim
A Study on Dielectric Material Etching in Cryogenic Process Based on Atomistic Simulation
Machine Learning Based Model for a RF Hollow Cathode Discharge
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Etching of Silicon Nitride Using Hydrofluorocarbon and Oxygen Plasmas
Understanding Plasma Etch Mechanism of Low-k Materials Under Low Temperature Substrates with Fluorine-Based Precursors
Plasma-Assisted Atomic Layer Etching of Silicon Nitride with Unfragmented Fluorocarbons
Time Resolved Ion Energy Distribution in Pulsed Inductively Coupled Argon Plasma with/without DC Bias
Optical and Electrical Diagnostics of Industrial Plasma Reactors: Measuring the Relevant Physical Quantities to Assist Process Development
Hole Transport Properties of Nickel Oxide Films Grown via Hollow-Cathode Plasma-Assisted Atomic Layer Deposition
In-Situ Measurement of Electron Emission Yield at Silicon Surfaces in Ar/CF4 Plasmas
Plasma Characterization: Radical Recombination Sensor Based on Dual Probe Thermopile Heat Flux Sensors
Dielectric Toroidal Plasma Sources for Improved Plasma Resistance
What We Still Won't Know About Plasmas in Simple Diatomic Gases- or Using a DC Glow Discharge in Pure O2 as an Ideal Test-Bed for Experimental Validation of Models
Voltage and Sheath Dynamics in Electropositive Capacitively Coupled Plasmas with Focus Ring and External Circuit
Time Resolved Diagnostics of a Silver HiPIMS Discharge
Title: Curling Probe Analysis for Practical Measurement of Electron Density
Characterization of Materials and Surfaces with Various Types of Radiation
High-Energy (MeV), Heavy Ion Irradiation of Chalcogenide Phase Change Thin Films
Multiwavelength Raman Microscopy Used to Characterize Surfaces for Plasma-Wall Interaction Study in Tokamaks
In Situ Optical Characterization of High Temperature Defect Kinetics in Mixed-Conducting Oxide Films
Exploring the Effects of Radiation on Planetary Surfaces through the Analysis of Experimental Analogs and Returned Samples from the Moon and Asteroids
Ground-Based Space Environmental Testing of Materials and Components for Spacecraft Mission Assurance
New Challenges and Opportunities for Hard and Superhard Coatings
Operando Photoluminescence Microscopy Study of Photoreduction of Resazurin on Tio2 Microcrystals
Unraveling Surface Structures of Ga-Promoted Transition Metal Catalysts in CO2 Hydrogenation
Stabilization of Active Cu Sites on Oxide Surfaces
An optimized IRAS Setup to Investigate Adsorbates on Metal-Oxide Single Crystals
Photochemical Fluorination of TiO2(110)
Surface Structures of La0.8Sr0.2MnO3 (001) Thin Films
Adsorption of Organophosphate Nerve Agent VX on the (101) Surface of Anatase Titanium Dioxide
Combining Synchrotron X-ray and SFG Spectroscopy Techniques to Illuminate Aqueous Interfaces
X-Ray Studies of Extractant and Lanthanide Ion Ordering at Liquid Interfaces Relevant to Solvent Extraction
Probing Surface Chemistry in Complex Environments: Water Disinfectants and Ionic Solutions at the Air/Liquid/Iron Interface
The Surface Chemistry of Martian Mineral AnalogsDuring Triboelectric Charging in Sand Storms
Unraveling Water Formation on Planetary and Astrophysical Bodies: The Role of Surface Science
Growth of c-axis Textured AlN PVD Film on a 2D-MoS2 Seed Layer
Synthesis and Hardness of Thin-Film High-Entropy Transition Metal Ceramics
Structural Evolution and Thermoelectric Properties of Flexible Mg2Sn Films Prepared by Magnetron Co-sputtering
AlGaN‚ An Enabling Ultra-Wide Bandgap Semiconductor
CVD of Crystalline and Amorphous sp2-BN Thin Films on Different Orientations of Al2O3
Investigating SiC/Graphene/SiC(0001) Remote Epitaxy Using Hot-wall CVD
Sputter Deposition of III-N Thin Films
Thickness Dependent Properties of Ferroelectric Boron-Substituted Aluminum Nitride Thin Films
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