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Session Tuesday, November 8, 2022
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New Precursors and Approaches to ALD and AS-ALD of Metals
Comparing Interface and Bulk Physicochemical Properties of TiO2 Deposited by PEALD Assisted by Substrate Biasing on Thermal SiO2 and TiN Substrates, for Area Selective Deposition Application
Area Selective Atomic Layer Deposition of SnO2 as An Etch Barrier
Selective Deposition Two Ways: Chemical Bath Deposition of Metal Sulfides on Organic Substrates
Anatase Crystalline Phase Discovery on Ultra-Thin Layer TiO2 Films During Low-Temperature Ald on Fluorine-Rich Carbon Substrates
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Site-selective Atomic Layer Deposition: Targeting Electronic Defects
Low Temperature Area-selective ALD and ALE of Pd
Limitations in the Structural Determination of a Close-Packed Overlayer
Sub-Micron Chemical Speciation Mapping of Uranium Dioxide Aged Under Humid Conditions
On Photoelectron Spectroscopy and the Shirley Background
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Origin of the Complex Main and Satellite Features in Oxides
Understanding and Employing Adhesion Forces in Microfluidic Channels for Cell Separation
Wafer-Scale Metallic Nanotube Arrays with Highly Ordered Periodicity for SERS Application
Customizing Silk Film Surface Properties Using Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
Biopotential Sensing Using Flexible, Reusable Smart Textile-Based Dry Electrodes
Functional Plasma Polymers for Biosensing Applications
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Getting to the Surface of Biology
3D Investigation of Sr2+ Mobility in Bone Marrow by ToF- and Orbi-SIMS
Comparison of NAP-XPS and Cryo-XPS for Studies of the Surface Chemistry of the Bacterial Cell-Envelope
Progress on Commercializing Doped Diamond Materials and Devices
Advanced in Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy: A Powerful Tool for Materials Science, Catalysis, Energy Storage & Lifescience Applications
Chemical Analysis Using Laboratory-Based Hard X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy: The Binding Energy Reference Challenge
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Integrating Spatial Multiomics Using Giant Cluster Imaging Mass Spectrometry at the Single-Cell Level
Atom Probe Tomography Using Wavelength-Tunable, Femtosecond-Pulsed Coherent Extreme Ultraviolet Radiation
Femtosecond Time Resolved Pump-Probe Spectroscopic Ellipsometry – Applications and Challenges
Evolution of Anisotropy and Order of Band-to-Band Transitions, Excitons, Phonons, Static and High Frequency Dielectric Constants Including Strain Dependencies in Alpha and Beta Phase (AlXGa1-X)2O3
Engineering the Bi-Signate Broadband Enhanced Chirality Revealed by All Dielectric Nanoboomerang Structure
Structural Properties and Optical Constants of CaF2 at 300 K from 0.03 to 6.5 eV
Optical Dielectric Function of a Solution-Processable Thiazolothiazole Thin Films Determined by Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
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Bandgap Engineering of Polycrystalline Ge-doped Sb2Se3 Thin-Film: Surface and Optical Properties
Optical Properties of Orthorhombic LiGa02 from Far-Infrared to Vacuum Ultraviolet
Optical and X-ray Characterization of Ge-Sn Alloys on GaAs
Zinc Gallate (ZnGa2O4) Epitaxial Thin Films: Determination of Optical Properties and Bandgap Estimation Using Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
Adsorption and Reaction of Acetic Acid on Single-Crystal and Faceted Nanoparticle Anatase TiO2(101) Surfaces
Phase Transformation of Single Micro-Sized TiO2 Crystals
Reactivity of Formic Acid on Single Atom Rh Supported on Fe3O4(001)
WO3/Ag2S type-II Hierarchical Heterojunction for Improved Charge Carrier Separation and Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting Performance
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Using Photon-Stimulated Desorption to Probe the Structure and Reaction Dynamics of Molecules Adsorbed on TiO2(110)
Comparison of Pt, Rh and Ir Single Atoms on a Fe2O3 Model Support
HC Graduate Student Finalist Talk: Preparation and Characterization of Model Homotopic Catalysts: Rh Adatoms, Nanoparticles, and Mixed Oxide Surfaces on Fe3O­4­(001)
Efficient Control of 2D Magnetism
Epitaxial Growth of Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Monolayers for Large Area Device Applications
Formation of Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Janus Monolayers and 2D Alloys Through Non-Equilibrium Synthesis and Processing Approaches
Effects of Deposition Technique on Monolayer MoS2 and WS2
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The Growth of Nb1+xSe2 by Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Formation of 1D and 2D Carbon-Based Nanomaterials on Surfaces
EUV Patterning: Plasma Processing Innovations for Single Exposure and Multi-Patterning
Reduction of EUV Resist Damage by using Neutral Beam Etching
Numerical Investigation of EUV Induced H2-O2 Plasmas and Surface Chemistry
Modeling of Shallow Trench Isolation Etch in Self-aligned Double Patterning Process
Polymer Engineering for High Aspect Ratio Plasma Etching Enabled by Chemistry
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Achieving Better Etching Performance with Lower GWP Gases
Etch Profile Control for High-Aspect-Ratio Amorphous Carbon Mask Layer Etching
A Mask-free and Contactless Plasma Patterning Technique for Interdigitated Back Contact Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells Fabrication
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Oxide and Nitride Etching by CF3+ and Cl+
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of High-Energy Ion Bombardment ALE Processes for Smooth Surfaces
Analysis of RF Sheath Dynamics in Dual-Frequency Capacitively Coupled Ar Plasmas Using a Two-Dimensional Particle-in-Cell Simulation
Incorporation of Match timing in a Global Plasma Circuit Model
Nanosheet GAA Transistor Manufacturing Modeling Study: Build Fundamental Knowledge of SiGe to Si Selective Etching in ClF3 Gas
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Study on Spatiotemporal Evolution of Plasma Arcing in Low-Temperature Plasma
Instabilities in Low Pressure Magnetized Capacitively Coupled Plasmas
2D Hybrid Simulation of a CF4 Plasma in a DF CCP Reactor: Influence of Operating Conditions on Plasma Bulk Properties and Fluxes on the Wafer
Investigation of N2 Plasma in Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition of Silicon Nitride Using First Principles Calculation
Investigating the Oxidation of Pt(111) Using High-Pressure Scanning Tunneling Microscopy, Force Field Calculations, and Ab Inito Thermodynamics
Operando Electrochemistry: NAP-XPS on Electrolyte/Electrode Interfaces - Studies of Liquid Electrolytes and Their Interfaces to Battery Cathodes for Lithium Ion Battery Applications
AVS Dorothy M. and Earl S. Hoffman Scholarship Talk: Infrared Nanospectroscopy for Solid-Liquid Interface
Methods for Exposing UHV-prepared Metal Oxide Surfaces to Liquid Water: A Comparison of TiO2, Fe2O3, and Fe3O4
Interplay of Structure, Dynamics and Energetics of Alkali Metal Ions on Muscovite Mica Surfaces: Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Corrosion Mechanism of Aluminum Alloy at Grain Boundaries Investigated by in-Liquid Nanoscale Potential Measurement Technique
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Identifying Available Adsorption Sites on Au-Ps Alloys by FTIR Spectroscopy and Monte Carlo Simulations
Role of Chemisorbing Species in Growth at Liquid Metal-Electrolyte Interfaces Revealed by in Situ X Ray Scattering
In Situ Electrochemical STM Imaging of an Au Electrode Identifying the Active Sites during the Electrocatalytic Process
Extreme Atomic-Scale Surface Roughening: Amino Acids on Ag on Au(111)
Tailoring 3-D Nanomaterial Architectures Using ALD: Bridging Scales from Atoms to Bulk
Thin Film Technology and Diagnostics for Multilayered Solid-State Batteries
Interface Mixing in Thin-Film Solid-State Sodium Batteries
Direct CVD Synthesis of MgH2 Thin Films and Nanowires by Decomposition of the Novel Magnesium Bis-Diamidodiboranate Precursor
The Fabrication of Heterojunctions by Atomic Layer Deposition for Gas Sensing Applications
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Tunable ALD Infiltration into High-Aspect-Ratio Aerogels Enabled by Process Modeling for Solar Thermal Applications
Ultra-thin, Conformal ALD Films for Reliable Corrosion Resistance in SLM Metal Additive Manufactured Surfaces
Atomic Layer Deposition of Superconducting Films for Through-Silicon-Via Structures and Photon Detection
Reliable RF and DC Plasma-Power Solutions Supporting Today’s Demanding Industrial Applications
Vacuum Materials for the Next Generation Gravitational Wave Detectors
Vacuum Design for a Cryogenic Gravitational Wave Detector
CSI; the New Space Calibration Facility at TNO
The Challenges of Heating a Sample in Vacuum
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Design of ITER Roughing Pump System
Monte Carlo Simulation Studies to Support an Integrated Design for the Cryogenic Vacuum Systems of the Einstein Telescope
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