ICMCTF2004 Wednesday Morning

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Session Wednesday, April 21, 2004
8:30 AM 9:30 AM 10:30 AM
Structure and Electrical Properties of AlN Thin Films Prepared by High Vacuum Electron Beam Evaporation
Low-temperature Deposition of Hard Coatings Assisted by Metal Ion Implantation
Large Scale Synthesis of Novel Nano-materials using the Submerged Arc Method
Nano-composite Coating Growth using Hybrids of Filtered Cathodic Arc and Other Plasma Sources.
Effects of Cr Contents on Micro-hardness and Microstructure in TiAlN Films Synthesized by AIP Method
Influence of the Diameter of an Annular Anode on Plasma Transport Through the Anode of a Vacuum Arc Deposition System
Anode Temperature Distribution and Coating Characteristics in a Hot Refractory Anode Vacuum Arc with an Assymetric Anode
Catodic Arc PVD Multilayers for Improving Life Time of Real Tools
Stress and Structure Formation Upon Reactive Sputtering of Different Transition Metal Oxides
Tailoring the Mechanical Properties of Optical Films on Plastic Substrates
Property Change in ZrNxOy Thin Films: Effect of the N/O Ratio
Mechanical Modelling of Multilayer Optical Coatings
The Properties of TiN-doped Indium Oxide Films Prepared by Pulsed Magnetron Sputtering from Powder Targets
Multi-parameter Modeling of Visco-plastic Mechanical Behavior of Polymer Thin-films by Nanoindentation and PC-based Finite Element Simulations
Use of Intrinsic Stress in Optical Films to Shape Membrane Optics
Mechanical Properties of Photocatalytic TiO2 Films Deposited by Cathodic Arc Plasma Ion Plating
Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy of Carbonaceous Materials
Gas Barrier Property of Carbon Films Prepared under Atmospheric Pressure
Formation of Initial Layer in A Self-assembled Alternating Layered Nanostructure
Characteristics of DLC Coated Alumina Ceramic Seals in Medium Temperature
Synthesis of Nano-Crystalline Carbide Diamond-like-Carbon (DLC) using Dual Plasma Implantation and Deposition
Deposition and Characterization of Silicon Carbide Epitaxial Layers
A New High Rate Deposition Method of SiC Wear Coatings at Room Temperature and Atmospheric Pressure
Silicon Carbon Nitride Films Produced by RF Magnetron Sputtering using Ammonia or Nitrogen as Reactive Gas.
New Method for Surface Modification and Hard Coatings
Large Area Hard Coating Deposition Using Plasma Activated Electron Beam Evaporation
Deposition of Metal Carbides using Electron Beam High-rate Evaporation
Large Area Diamond Deposition by Hot Filament CVD
High-Rate Vapor Deposition onto Narrow MetalStrips: Current Status and Future Prospects
Metal Strip Coating by EB-PVD - Industrial Requirements and Customized Solutions
Large Area Glass Coating in the 21st Century
Pulsing Effects in Reactive Sputtering of Dielectrics
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