AVS2000 TuM Sessions , Tuesday, October 3, 2000 8:20 AM

Tuesday Morning

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Session Code Topic Session Name
BI-TuM BI Protein-Surface Interactions
EL+NS-TuM EL Molecular Electronics
FP-TuM FP Luminescent Materials
IE-TuM IE Methods of Industrial Ecology Analysis / Global Concerns
MC-TuM MC Real World Surface Analysis
MI+NS+NANO 6-TuM MI Magnetic Imaging I
NM+NS-TuM NM Carbon Nanotubes: Synthesis
NS+NANO6+MM-TuM NS Nanomechanics
PH-TuM PH Fundamental Properties and Applications of Photonic Materials
PS-TuM PS Modeling of Plasma Processes
SC+EL+SS-TuM SC Compound Semiconductors
SE-TuM SE Interface Engineering and Graded Films: Structure and Characterization
SS1-TuM SS Reactions on Oxides and Environmental Chemistry
SS2+NS+BI+EL-TuM SS Self-Assembled Monolayers
SS3+MC-TuM SS Technique Innovations: Experiment, Theory and Simulation
TF-TuM TF Thin Films in the 21st Century
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