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Session Tuesday, October 3, 2000
8:20 AM 9:20 AM 10:20 AM 11:20 AM
Quantitative Analysis of Protein Adsorption Kinetics
Investigation of the Structure and Dynamic of Proteins on Surfaces by EPR Spectroscopy: Annexin XII as an Exploratory Example
A Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensor Study of Protein Interactions with Thin Apatite Films
Protein Adsorption to Plasma Functionalized Surfaces Using Surface Plasmon Resonance Spectroscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy
How to Make and Analyze Cross-linked Monolayers of Mytilus Edulis Foot Proteins (Mefp)
Assessment of Fibronectin Conformation Adsorbed to Polytetrafluoroethylene Surfaces from Serum Protein Mixtures and Correlation to Support of Cell Attachment in Culture
Protein Adsorption on Self-assembled Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Films
Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry on Porous Silicon Surfaces
Determination of Surface-Protein Equilibrium Binding Constants by MALDI Mass Spectrometry
The Molecular Orientation Distribution of an Electrochemically Active Protein Monolayer Adsorbed to Indium-Tin Oxide
Molecules, Hierarchical Assembly and Architecture of Moletronic Computers
Molecular Wires, Switches and Memories
Dissimilar Metal Electrodes with Nanometer Interelectrode Distance: Fabrication and Application to Characterizing Self-Assembled Molecular Electronic Devices
Characterization of Gold/Pentacene and Pentacene/Gold Interfaces
Current-Induced Organic Molecule-Silicon Bond Breaking: Consequences for Molecular Devices
Molecular Arrays and Individual Dopants Studied by Ultrahigh Vacuum Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Direct Measurements of Electrical Transport through DNA Molecules
Whole-Cell Bio-computing in a Microelectronic Format
Cross-sectional TEM Investigation of the Dead Layer of ZnS:Ag,Al Phosphors in Field Emission Displays
Enhanced Activator Interactions During Low Electron Energy Cathodoluminescence
Growth and Characterization of Pulsed Laser Deposited Zn2GeO4:Mn Green Thin Film Phosphors
Energy Loss Mechanisms in Pulsed Laser Coated Cathodoluminescent Phosphors
Effect of He/Ar Sputtering Gas Mixture on the Brightness of RF Magnetron-Sputtered ZnS:TbOF for Alternating Current Electroluminescent Displays
Eu+3 and Cr+3 Doping for Red Cathodoluminescence in ZnGa2O4
Molecular Organic Light-Emitting Devices based on a Guest-Host System
Aging and Luminescent Characterization of Coated ZnS:Ag Phosphors in FED Systems
Temperature Dependence of Cathodoluminescent Degradation of ZnS Phosphor
The 21st Century Co-Evolution of Technology and Environmental Science
Single Particle Analysis of Particulate Pollutants in Yellowstone National Park and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Environmental Concerns in Brazil
Multi-phase Atmospheric Chemical Processes: A Major Gap in Understanding Regional to Global Air Pollution Issues
Structure and Composition of Size- and Time-Resolved Outdoor Aerosols Determined Using TOF-SIMS
Surface Interaction, Coverage and Performance of Quaternary Amine Treatments on Hair
Chemical Characterization of Modified Nanotips by TOF-SIMS and Laser-SNMS
Real World Surface Analysis
Thermal Degradation of IM7/BMI5260 Composite Materials: Characterization by X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Pt-Metal Oxide Aerogel Catalysts: An X-ray Photoemission Investigation
Quantification of the Changes in the Air-formed Oxide/Hydroxide Film at the Surface of Aluminium on Exposure to Ambient Conditions
Scanning Auger Microscopy Studies of an Ancient Bronze
Practical Applications of Surface Analysis Techniques in Electroplating
Surface Chemistry and Physical Properties Related to Adhesion of Various Soldermask Materials
Scanning Electron Microscopy with Polarization Analysis (SEMPA) Imaging of Surface and Thin Film Magnetic Microstructure
'Magnetic-Laboratory' on an AFM Tip
High Anisotropy, High Gradient Magnetic Tips For Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy
Quantitative Magnetic Force Microscopy and Exchange Force Microscopy: New Tools for Magnetic Imaging
Magnetic Force Microscopy of Coupled and Decoupled Micrometer Scale Permalloy Structures
Correlation of Structural and Magnetic Properties of Fe/Cr(001) Studied by Combined SP-STM and MFM
Flux Lattice Imaging of a Patterned Nb Film with a Cryogenic Magnetic Force Microscope
Magnetic Field Measurements of Current-Carrying Devices by Force Sensitive Magnetic Force Microscopy with Potential Correction
Evaluation of MFM for Probing Electromigration Processes
Orientated Nanotube Growth with Cobalt Catalyst
Carbon Nanotube Growth on Nanoparticle Catalyst Patterns by Chemical Vapor Deposition
Carbon Nanotube Catalyst Optimization Using Combinatorial Methods
Effects Gas Adsorption and Collisions on the Physical Properties of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes1
Time-Resolved Diagnostic Investigations of Carbon Nanotube Synthesis
Growth of Well-Aligned Carbon Nanotubes on Nickel by Hot-Filament-Assisted DC Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition in a CH4/H2 Plasma
Modeling of HiPco Process for Carbon Nanotube Production
A Gas-Phase Method for Large-scale Production of Carbon Single-walled Nanotubes
Diameter Selective Laser Ablation Synthesis of SWNTs: from 0.8 to 1.8 nm
Initial Growth Study of Well-aligned Carbon Nanotubes on Fe-coated Silicon Substrate by MWCVD Process
Nanomechanical Properties of Molecular Organic Thin Films
Quantitative Imaging of Dynamic Mechanical Properties by Hybrid Nanoindentation
Force-Modulated Nanoindentation of Fluorinated Polymer Thin Films Grown by PECVD
Dynamic Contacts to Adhesive Viscoelastic Materials
Precision Nanoscale Machining with STM-QCM
Size-Dependent Mechanical Properties of MoO3 Nanoplates
High Frequency Nanomechanical Systems
Quantum Well Micromechanical Photon Detectors
Nanomechanical Systems
Integrated Photonics for Optical Communications: A Materials Processing Challenge
Infrared Ellipsometry Characterization of Porous Silicon Bragg Reflectors
IR Fiber Optics Development at the Naval Research Laboratory
First-Principles Study of Oxygen-Deficient Defects in Silicate and Germanosilicate Glasses
Dynamic Polymeric Photonic Components
The Understanding and Realization of Photonic Crystals
Plasmonics: Electromagnetic Energy Transfer and Switching Below the Diffraction Limit in Nanoparticle Chain Arrays
Optimization of Plasma Processing for Manufacturing Using Fast Integrated Models
Modeling Transport and Etch Chemistry in High Density Plasmas
Plasma Chemistry Model for Fluorocarbon Etching of SiO2
Sustaining Another Decade of Innovation in Plasma Equipment and Process Design: Needs and Challenges1
Electron Transport and Power Deposition in Magnetically Enhanced Inductively Coupled Plasmas1
Surface Reaction Model for Etch-rate Calculations in SiO2 Selective Etching
3D Monte-Carlo Simulation of SiO2 Film Growth Combined with Gas-phase Kinetic Model of TEOS-O2 Plasma
Integrated Ionized and Conventional PVD Process Analysis Comparisons
Modeling and Experimental Verification of a Ti/Nitrogen/Ar Ionized Physical Vapor Deposition Tool
Reconstructions and Steady-state Surface Structures on InAs(001)-(2x4): Implications for Atomistic Modeling of Growth
Oscillations of Local Density of States at the Epitaxially Grown InAs(111)A Surfaces Characterized by Low-temperature Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something BLUE - Fifty Years of III-V Compound Semiconductors!
Strain-Induced Anisotropy of Gallium Phosphide Islands on Gallium Arsenide
Relative Reactivity of Arsenic and Gallium Dimers and Backbonds during the Adsorption of Molecular Oxygen on GaAs(100)(6x6)
Role of Ligand Termination in Atomic-Layer-Controlled Growth
Two-step MOCVD Growth of Piezoelectric ZnO Thin Film on SiO2/Si Substrates
Spontaneous Island Formation Caused by Reconstruction Changes During III-Sb Homoepitaxy1
Photon-activated Electron-Transfer-Reaction Surface Modification of GaAs(001)
Epitaxial Growth of Metastable B1-NaCl-Structure TaNx on MgO(001) by Ultrahigh Vacuum Reactive Magnetron Sputter Deposition
Stress Evolution in TiN and TaN Layers and Multilayers Prepared by Reactive Magnetron Sputtering and Studied with in-situ Laser Reflection Curvature Technique
The Compressive Coating Stresses in the Scratch Adhesion Test
Interface Engineering and Graded Films: Structure and Characterisation
Characterization of Cr2N/CrN Multilayer Coatings Produced by Ion-Assisted Reactive Magnetron Sputtering
Optimization of In Situ Substrate Surface Treatment in a Cathodic Arc Plasma: A Plasma Diagnostics and STEM-EDX Study
Laterally Graded Multilayers and their Applications1
A Novel Interface Modification Technique Applied from the Top of a Coated Layer
Ethylene Polymerization on a CrOx/SiO2 Model Catalyst: XPS, SIMS, RBS and AFM
Structurally Ordered Magnesium Vanadate Model Catalysts for Oxidative Dehydrogenation
Reactive Scattering Studies of Organophosphorous Compounds on Semiconducting Metal Oxides
Chemistry of SO2 and NO2 on ZnO(0001)-Zn and ZnO Powders: Changes in Reactivity with Surface Structure and Composition
Adsorption of S and Cl on TiO2(110) Studied by Ultra-violet Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Thermal Production of Phosgene from Carbon Tetrachloride Reactions on Natural Single Crystal α-Fe2O3 Surfaces in Ultrahigh Vacuum
Multiplet Splitting and Crystal Field Strengths at Iron Oxide Surfaces
Scanning Electron Microscopy Studies of the Hydration of Alkali Halides
Reactivity of Water toward NaCl(100)
Surface Segregation of Bromine in Bromide Doped NaCl: Implications for the Seasonal Variations in Arctic Ozone
Isothermal Desorption Kinetics of H2O from 1H216O, 1H218O and 2H216O Ice Multilayers
Creating Highly Selective Organic Surfaces using Self-assembly: A New Family of Organothiols
Characterization of the Alkanthiol/Metal Interface by High Resolution Core Level Spectroscopy
The Influence of the Endgroup and the Chain Length on the Growth of CH3- and CF3-terminated Alkanetiols on Au(111)
Self-Assembled Monolayers of Terphenyl Derivatized Thiols; Adsorption, Insertion Process and Electrical Conduction
Structure and Chemistry of Alkanethiol Self-Assembled Monolayers
Characterization of SAMs with Contrast Variation SPR Technique
Characterization of a Polymerized Self-Assembled Monolayer Using NEXAFS
An Estimation of Effective Mean Free Path of Photo- and Auger Electrons in Partial Yield Measurements using Self-assembled Monolayers
Growth Process and Thermal Stability of Semifluorinated Alkanethiol Self-Assembled Monolayers on Au(111)
Multi-technique Study of Self-Assembled AuCN Monolayers on Au(111) Formed by Electrochemical Deposition
Twenty-First Century Modeling: Multiscale Coupling and its Impact on Surface and Interface Science
The KMLYP Density Functional Approximation: A New Method for Accurate Prediction of Activation Barriers and Enthalpies of Reaction
Probing Chemical Interactions at the Single Bond Level
Surface Vibrational Spectroscopy Beyond the Harmonic Approximation, Experiments and Calculations
Time Resolved Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
Momentum Space Line Narrowing by Angle Resolved Auger-photoelectron Coincidence Spectroscopy
A Microarray Technique for Measuring Adsorption/Desorption Kinetics
Scanning Probe Energy Loss Spectroscopy: Spectroscopic Analysis of Reflected Electrons in Field Emission STM
Application of a Direct Method in Surface X-ray Crystallography
Line of Sight Techniques: Providing an Inventory of all Species Arriving at and Departing from a Surface
Atomic-Level Control of Microstructure, Morphological Evolution, and Physical Properties during Film Growth: The Golden Era of Materials Science
1D Nanostructures: Building Blocks for Nanotechnologies
Challenges for Thin Films in Communications
The Transition from Thermally-grown SiO2 to Deposited Thin Film Alternative Gate Dielectrics
Porous Coatings with Engineered Microstructure
Thin Film Technology in the 21st Century
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