AVS2003 Tuesday Afternoon

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Session Tuesday, November 4, 2003
2:00 PM 3:00 PM 4:00 PM
Spatially Defined Immobilization of Biomolecules on Microstructured Polymer Substrate*
Low-Temperature STM Manipulation of Single Bio Molecules
Base-dependent Displacement of Thiolated DNA Films by Mercaptohexanol (MCH)
Neuron Pathfinding and Surface Chemistry, Patterning and Reactions
In-situ Spectroscopic Study of Thermal Phase Transition of Supported Hybrid Bilayer Membranes
Spectroscopic Quantification of Covalently Immobilized Oligonucleotides
Photoionization for Trace Measurement of DNA on Surfaces
Utilization of Polyatomic Primary Ion Sources for Analysis of Drug Delivery Systems by Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS)
Invited Paper
Enhanced Tunneling in Symmetric Stacked Gate Dielectrics with Ultra-thin HfO2 Layers (0.5-10. nm) Sandwiched between Thicker SiO2 Layers (1.5 nm)
Observation of Bulk HfO2 Defects by Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
Chemically Abrupt Interfaces between Lanthanum Aluminate and Silicon for Alternative Gate Dielectric Applications
Medium Energy Ion Scattering Studies of the Structure and Composition of Epitaxial SrTiO3 Films on Silicon
In-situ and Ex-situ Characterization of Barium Strontium Titanate Thin Films on Thermal SiO2/Si Substrates
Band Offsets at Ba- SrTiO3 / Si Interfaces
Electronic Materials Growth: A Retrospective and Look Forward
Electronic Materials Theory: Interfaces and Defects
Progress in Electronic Materials Characterization
Making Contact - The Evolution of Materials for Silicon Device Contacts and Interconnections
Many-spin Hamiltonian for the Single-molecule Magnet Mn12-Ac
Magnetic Interaction in Assemblies of Nanometer-sized Fe Dots on Cu (111)
Contribution of Orbital Magnetism to the Magnetism of Monodisperse Nanoparticles
Self-assembly of FePt Nanoparticles on Si(100) Surface
Submicron Cobalt Particle Fabrication by Ion Beam Induced Chemical Vapor Deposition (IBICVD)
Magnetic Nanostructures Made by Self-assembled Block Copolymer Lithography
Magnetic Properties of Low-dimensional Nanostructures on an Insulator
Magnetic Reversal of Co/Pd Multilayer Films and Sub-100nm Islands
Development of a Deep Phase Fresnel Lens in Silicon
Fabrication and Characterization of a Capacitive Micromachined Shunt Switch
Design and Process Integration of an Electric Induction Micromotor
Microfabrication of a Pressure Sensor Array Using 3D Integration Technology
Simulation of Field Emission-based Pressure Sensors
Nanotribological Characterization of Digital Micromirror Devices using Atomic Force Microscopy
PZT Dry Etching using ICP Etcher for MEMS Devices
Integration of Silicon Anisotropic Wet Etching and BCB Processes
Optical Characterization of Poly-Dimethyl Siloxane (PDMS) during Inductively Coupled Plasma Processing for Implementation in a PDMS-based Photonic Crystal*
The Future of Chip Making Is Different --- Or Is It?
Technology and Manufacturing Challenges in High Tech
The Future of Semiconductor Lithography
CMOS Scaling Limits and Opportunity for Nanoelectronics
John Bardeen and Transistor Physics
OLEDs and Solid State Lighting
Hybrid Electroluminescent Devices Based on Conjugated Polymers and CdS:Mn/ZnS Core/Shell Nanocrystals
Large Magnetic Field Effects in Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) based on Alq3
The Application of DLC Layer for Polymeric Electroluminescent Devices
Photonic Crystals and Nanocomposite Materials
Patterning Magnetic Recording Media by Imprinting
Buffer Layer Assisted Laser Patterning of Metals at the Nanometer Scale
Low-Temperature Nanolithography using Energetic Neutral Atoms
Self-Assembling Circuits?
Fabrication and Electrical Characterization of 2D Dopant Nanostructures in Si
Polymer Patterning using a Soft Inkpad
Influence of Stoichiometry and Structure on the Local Oxidation of Metal Films
Dielectric Etch: Past, Present and Future
Depth Dependent Spatial Frequency Analysis of Post-Etch Sidewall Roughness
Investigation of Bottom-emitted Particles and their Influence on the Etch Characteristics of Sidewall in the Fluorocarbon Plasma Etching
Bilayer Mask Process for sub-90 nm Patterning using a New 100MHz CCP RIE
Etching Bilayer Resists in Ammonia Based Plasmas
Model for Dielectric Etching in C4F6 Based Inductively Coupled and Dual Frequency Plasmas
A Computational Investigation of Plasma and Surface Chemistry During Fluorocarbon Plasma Etching of SiO2 in Ar/c-C4F8/O2/CO Magnetically Enhanced Capacitively and Inductively Coupled Plasmas1
Kinetic Study on SiO2 Dry Etching Process by Chemical Reaction Engineering Approach
Selective Silicon Nitride Etching by ECR Plasmas Using SF6 and NF3 Based Gas Mixtures
Complex Formation between Magnesocene (MgCp2) and NH3: Origin of the "Memory Effect"
Real-time Optical Monitoring of Gas Phase Kinetics in InN Vapor Phase Epitaxy at Elevated Pressures
Chemical Complexities of AlGaInN MOCVD
Ab initio Prediction of the Gas-Phase Precursors for AlN Sublimation Growth1
Reflectance Interferometry During III-V Nitride Growth, Much More than a Growth Rate Monitor
Real-time Diagnostics of OMCVD Epitaxy with an Integrated Rotating-compensator/Rotating-sample Polarimeter
GaN Nucleation Layer Evolution on Sapphire
Investigations of Plasma Etching and Contact Processing on AlGaN Alloys Containing 0 to 50% Al
Morphological Evolution of GaAs Surface during Damage-free Etching
Synthesis and High Temperature Performance of SiAlON Thin Film Coatings
Synthesis and Characterization of Nanolayered TiOx/Al2O3 Coatings for Possible Elevated Temperature Applications
Advances in Surface Engineering for High Temperature and Wear Resistant Applications
Processing and Properties of NiAl-Hf Coatings via DC Magnetron Sputtering
Surface Alloying of Aluminum Films by Electron Beam Evaporation on Zirc-4 Substrates and Hydrothermal Crystal Growth in Sub-critical Condition
Surface Studies of the High Temperature Corrosion of Stainless Steel by Oxygen Contolled Lead-Bismuth Eutectic
Why Water Wets Precious Metals1
Absence of Surface Water Crystallization
Surface Science - A New Tool for Laboratory Astrophysics
Formation and Dynamics of Water Clusters on Ru(001)
Comprehensive Structural Analysis of H2O/MgO(111) using DLD-LEED and IR Spectroscopy
The Growth of Water Monolayers on Pd(111)
The Surface Chelate Effect
The Plasmons of ErAs (100)
Growth Characteristics of ErAs Interlayers in Metal/Ga1-xAlxAs Heterostructures
Some Tricks in Photoelectron Diffraction Experiments for Structural Investigations at Surfaces
Synthesis and Characterization of an Ordered Ge Overlayer and Pt2Ge Compound on Pt(100)
New Structural Model for Au/Si(111)5x2 from First Principles
First Principles Study of the Stability of Ag Ultra-thin Films on III-V Substrates: An Interfacial Study
A Self-Assembled Two Dimensional Electron Gas: √7x√3 In on Si(111)
Buckling of Si and Ge(111)2x1 Surfaces
Dimer Structure of the Si(001)2x1 Surface Observed below 10K by Scanning Tunneling Microscope
Adsorption of Substituted Butadienes on Si(100)
Surface Chemistry of Conjugated Heteroatomic Compounds on Diamond and Silicon (100)
Reaction of Acetyl Chloride on Ge(100)-2x1: Formation of a Surface-bound Carbonyl
Diethyl Ether Reactions with the Si(100) Surface
Modification of Silicon Surfaces: Toward Functional Organic and Bioorganic Interfaces
Investigation of the Adsorption of Acetic Acid on Ge(100)-2x1
Electron Beam Effect of Diethylsilane on Si (100) Surfaces Investigated by TPD and LISD
Adsorption of Naphthalene on a Si(100)-2x1 Surface Investigated by Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy
Vapor-phase Adsorption Kinetics of 1-Decene on H-terminated Si(100)
Enhanced Conductivity in Post Deposition Annealed Spinel Oxide Films
Reactive-Environment, Hollow Cathode Sputtering: Basic Characteristics and Application to Al2O3 and Doped ZnO
Transparent Electronics: An Overview of Materials, Devices, and Applications
Expanding Thermal Plasma Deposition of Textured ZnO: Plasma Processes and Film Growth
Transparent Conducting Amorphous Zn-Sn-O Films Deposited by Simultaneous DC Sputtering
Highly Transparent and Conductive ZnO:Al Thin Films Prepared by Vacuum Arc Plasma Evaporation
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