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Session Tuesday, November 4, 2003
8:20 AM 9:20 AM 10:20 AM
Light Optical Nanoscopy in Cellular Biophysics
Biological Applications of Micro and Nanoscale Devices
Atomic-scale Device Fabrication in Silicon
Nanometer Computing
Electronic Materials in the 21st Century: Is the Future Different from the Past?
Advances in Chemical Imaging: NanoSAM and NanoESCA
Correlation of XPS and AFM Images for Polymer Blends
XPS and Confocal Microscopy Data Fusion for Polymer Characterization
Solvent Enhanced Surface Modification of Polymers Accompanying AFM Tip Induced Mechanical Stresses
SF5+ Ion Beam Damage of Poly(Acrylates) Studied using Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry of Ordered Polymeric Monolayers: Effect on Tertiary Structures
Grazing Incident X-ray Diffraction Study of Poly(alkylthiophene) Thin Films on Various Substrates
Study of Water-Induced Reorganization of Amphiphilic Graft Copolymers Containing Poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) and Polydimethylsiloxane by Angle-dependent X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
The Role of Polymer Architecture and Environmental Humidity on the Interfacial Conformation and Properties of Surface-adsorbed Poly(l-lysine)-graft-poly(ethylene Glycol) Co-polymer
Ultra-fast Laser Ablation as a Facilitator for Depth-dependant Characterization of High Pigment Volume Concentration Organic Coatings
Modulation of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Behavior by Tuning Substrate Compliance
Mechanical and Biochemical Analyses of Cell Adhesion Strengthening Using Micropatterned Substrates
The Use of XPS, SIMS, and Immunostaining to Examine the Behavior of Extracellular Matrix upon Cell Detachment from a Smart Polymer
Neurite Outgrowth on Well Characterized Surfaces: Chemically and Spatially Controlled Fibronectin and RGD Substrates
Surfaces Engineered to Target Integrins to Direct Cell Adhesion and Function
Atomic Force Microscopy Imaging and Force Spectroscopy of Microbial Cell Surfaces
Molecule Specific Imaging Analysis of Carcinogens in Breast Cancer Cells using Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
Preparation and Characterization of Chemically Patterned Surfaces for Cell-Surface Interaction Studies
Drug Testing and Environmental Toxin Detection using Cell-based Biosensors
Effects of Transistor Fabrication Process Conditions on Electrical Characteristics of High-k Gate Dielectrics
Characteristics of High-k Gate Dielectric Formed by Oxidation of Sputtered Hf/Zr/Hf Thin Fims on the Si Substrate
Study of ZrO2 Initial Stage Deposition on Si(100) During High Vacuum Chemical Vapor Deposition
Thin Film Growth and Composition Characterization of Hafnium Oxide Grown on Surface Treated Silicon by Atomic Layer Deposition
The Effect of Hf Content in Liquid Precursor on the Properties of Mist Deposited Ultra-Thin Films of HfSiO4
The Effect of Surface Preparation and Post Growth Annealing on the Thickness and Composition of High-k Layers Grown on Silicon
Si and Ge Surface Functionalization Characterized by In Situ and Ex Situ Infrared Spectroscopy
Plasma Deposition of RuO2 on HfO2 for Gate Electrode Applications
Novel Ultra-thin TiAlOx Alloy Oxide for New Generation of Gate Dielectric
A Microreactor System for Electrocatalytic Kinetics: Methanol Oxidation on Platinum Electrodes at Elevated Temperature
In Situ Characterization of Nucleation and Growth During Electrochemical Deposition of Copper
Electrochemical Synthesis of Multifunctional Building Blocks for Nanosystems
Photoexcited Electrodeposition of Cu Structures on p-Si(001)
Ultrahigh Vacuum Studies of Static and Dynamic Solid Oxide Electrocatalysts by Field Ionization and Spectroscopic Techniques
Molecular Ordering at Liquid-Liquid Interfaces
Water-Graphite Interaction and the Behavior of Water near Graphite Surface
Molecular Structure at Interfaces between Water and Metal, Metal Oxide, or Polymer Studied by Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy
Characterization of Magnetic Thin Films and Nanostructures using Electron Microscopy
Imaging of Magnetic Nanoislands at the Thermal Stability Limit
Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy of Magnetic Impurities at Metal Surfaces
A Practical Guide to the Interpretation of Point-contact Andreev Reflection Data
Preparation and Magneto-Optical Spectroscopic Studies of Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor Quantum Dots and Related Nanostructures: Potential Building Blocks for Spintronics Applications
Magnetic Linear and Circular X-ray Dichroism Studies of the Magnetic Instability of Fe(x)Ni(1-x) Pseudomorphic Thin Films Exhibiting the Invar Effect
Magnetic Circular X-ray Dichroism of Gd2O3 Nanoparticles
Magnetism in Transition-metal Alloy Films: Lineshape Analysis of Magnetic Linear Dichroism Angle-selective Photoemission Spectra
MEMS and NEMS from Chemical Vapor Deposited Nanodiamond Materials
Engineering the Surface Properties of Ultrananocrystalline Diamond for High-Performance MEMS Devices
AlN-based MEMS and NEMS Resonator Devices
Anchor Optimization for Quality Factor Improvement in Microresonators
Chemical Control of Mechanical Energy Dissipation in Micromechanical Silicon Resonators
Vapor-Phase Lubricants: Nanometer-scale Lubrication Mechanisms and Uptake on Silicon
Can We Predict Friction and Wear in MEMS?
Nanomechanical Characterization of Digital Micromirror Devices
Measurement of Mechanical Properties of Silicon Nitride Thin Film at Cryogenic Temperatures
Pointwise Strain Mapping a Multilayer MEMS Mirror Using Synchrotron Radiation
Challenges and Advances in Packaging Technology Development for IC Processing
Interfacial Engineering for Reliability Improvement of Cu/Low k Interconnects
Forming Laminar Cu/Substrate Interfaces: Vacuum vs. Electrochemical Processing
Challenges and Advances in Thin Film Mechanics
Growth and Characterization of Single-Crystal ZnO Nanowires
Growth and Characterization of ZnO Nanowires
Structure, Defect and Cathodoluminescence Studies of GaN Nanorods and Nanowires
Onset of Nanowire Growth by Vapor-Liquid-Solid (VLS) Epitaxy
Functional Semiconductor Nanowires and Their Optical Properties
Mo3Se3 Nanowires - Mechanical and Electrical Properties at the Nanoscale
Defect Mediated Electronic Transport in Nano and Molecular Wires
Electronic Structure and Excited States of One-dimensional Polydiacetylene Nanowire
STM and DFT Study of Gadolinium Silicide on Si(100)
Theoretical Calculation of the Thermal Conductivity of Semiconducting Nanowires
Charge Transport and Charge Injection in Polymer Field Effect Transistors
High Mobility Organic Field Effect Transistors
Growth Dynamics and Electrical Properties of Pentacene Ultra-thin Films
Optical and Electronics Properties of Poly(o-Methoxyaniline) (POMA) for Organic FET Applications
An Optical and Electronic Properties Study of a Stable n-Type Organic Semiconductor: N,N'-bis(3-phenoxy-3-phenoxy-phenoxy)-1,4,5,8-naphthalenetetracarboxydiimide
Organic Semiconducting Materials for Plastic Electronics
Localized Deposition of Thin Films of Conducting Polyaniline on Microhotplates for Chemical Sensing
Polymeric Aperture Masks for High Performance Organic Integrated Circuits
Conducting Nanofibers Integrated with Surface Micromachined Structures
Attractive Interactions Between Negatively Charged Dust Particles in a Plasma
Measurement of Electrical Fields Around Dissimilar Materials Exposed to a Discharge
Plasma Processing Diagnostic Methods and Studies: A Historical Perspective
Absolute SiClX Densities in Silicon Gate Etching Plasmas Determined by Broad Band UV Absorption
In-situ Processing Memory Effects for Confined vs. Unconfined Plasmas
Plasma Diagnostics and Thin Film Characterization in Dielectric Etching: Understanding the Role of Fluorine Chemistry
Loss Kinetics of CFx Radicals and F Atoms in the Afterglow of Inductively Coupled Pulsed Plasmas
Effect of an Applied-phase of Bias Pulse on a Charge Reduction on a SiO2 Hole Exposed to Plasma Etching in a Two-frequency CCP
Analysis of Downstream Etch Chemistry in Ion-Ion and Electron-Ion Cl2 Discharges
PECVD, From the Laboratory to Mass Production
Plasma-enhanced Deposition of Silicon and Metal Oxynitride Films in a High-density Ammonia Discharge
Identification of the Growth Precursors for Hydrogenated Amorphous Carbon Growth
Characterization of TaN Diffusion Barrier Layers Prepared by Chemical-Enhanced Physical Vapor Deposition (CEPVD)
Anisotropic Cu Deposition using Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition
Pulsed-plasma Deposition of Silicon Dioxide in a High Density Oxygen Discharge
Secondary Plasma Based Debris Mitigation for Next-Generation 13.5nm EUVL Sources
Antimonide-Based Compound Semiconductors: From Interfaces to High-Speed Transistors
Understanding the Electronic Properties of Diluted Nitrides Relevant to Optoelectronic Applications
Nitrogen Incorporation and Strain Relaxation Mechanisms during Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy of GaAsN Layers on GaAs (001)
Stress Evolution and Nitrogen Incorporation in GaAsN Films Grown by Reactive Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Electronic and Optical Properties of GaAsN/GaAs Quantum Wells
Growth of InN and Related Compounds by RF Plasma Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Electronic Band Structure Ge(1-x)Sn(x) Alloys Grown on Silicon
Influence of Sputtering Condition and Target Material on the Microstructure and Properties of Ti-Si-N Coatings Prepared by r.f.-reactive Sputtering
Growth and Physical Properties of Epitaxial CeN and Nanocrystalline Ti1-xCexN Layers
Fabrication of Nanostructured Metallic Thin Films by Femtosecond Pulsed Laser Ablation
Self-adaptation Processes in Nanostructured Hard Coatings
Design of Functional Coatings
Functional Profile Coatings and Film Stress
The Effect of Surface Finish on Field Emission in Nitrogen-implanted, Silicon Dioxide-Coated Stainless Steel
Adsorption Energies of Small Alkane Molecules on MgO(100) and on Pd Nanoparticles on MgO by Temperature Programmed Desorption
Reactions of Aliphatic Alcohols on WO3(001) Surfaces
Dissociative Adsorption of Cyclohexene on Pt(111) at 300 K studied by Single-Crystal Microcalorimetry and Sticking Probability Measurements
The Reaction of 1-chloro-2-methyl-2-propanol (CltBuOH)on Oxygen-covered Ag(110): C-Cl Bond Cleavage in Epoxide Formation
Surface Chemistry of Hydrocarbon Fragments on Transition Metals: Towards Understanding Catalytic Processes
Fluorinated Carboxylic Acids Deprotonation on the Cu(100) Surface
Enantioselective Reactivity of R-2-bromobutane on Cu(531)
Coupled Experimental and Theoretical Study of Weakly Adsorbed Molecules on Metal Surfaces
H2 Production from Ethanol Over Au-Rh/CeO2 Catalysts
The Dynamics of Crystallite Shape Transformations
Fluctuations of Islands on Anisotropic Surfaces1
The Importance of Substrate Steps on the Ripening of 3D Particles: Ag and Cu on Ru(0001)
Geometry-Based Simulation Algorithm for Island Formation during Submonolayer Film Growth
Pyramidal Faceted Ni Nanocrystals on W(111)
Growth and Stability of Bi Films on Si(111) Studied by LEEM
Nucleation Kinetics during Homoepitaxial Growth of TiN(001) by Reactive Magnetron Sputtering
Pt Adsorption on Chiral SrTiO3 Surfaces
High-Temperature Low Energy Electron Microscopy Studies of Spiral Dislocation Dynamics on TiN(111) Terraces
Conversion from Nanowire to Epilayer: Epitaxial Growth of Bi on Si(114)-2x1
Low Cost Thin Film Electronics on Flexible Polymeric Substrates
Ultra-high Barrier Coating Deposition on Polycarbonate Substrates
Organic Thin Film Transistors based on Fluorene-Arylene Copolymers for Printed Electronics
Elastic Metal Interconnects
Properties of Indium Zinc Oxide Thin Films on Heat Withstanding Plastic Substrates
Interface and Bulk Charge in Low Temperature Silicon Nitride Dielectrics on Plastic Substrates
Effect of Swift Heavy Ions on the Structural and Optical Properties of RF Plasma Polymerized Aniline Thin Films
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