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Session Wednesday, November 5, 2003
8:20 AM 9:20 AM
Controlling Surface Reactions
Continuity in Plasma Processing: Yesterday's Accomplishments, Today's Innovations and Tomorrow's Challenges1
The Promise of Solid State Lighting: Status, Trends, and Remaining Challenges
Epitaxial Ferromagnetic Heterostructures Based on Semiconductors: Towards a New Spin-Based Electronics
Spectroscopic Characterization of High-k Dielectrics: Applications to Interface Electronic Structure and Stability Against Chemical Phase Separation
Effect of Nitrogen on Interface Stability of Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition of Hafnium Oxide on Si(100)
High-k Al2O3-HfO2 Layers for CMOS Applications Studied by XPS and ToF-SIMS
Materials Characterization and Processing Effects on Hafnium-based Gate Dielectrics
Synchrotron UPS and EXAFS Analysis of High-k and Si Interfaces
Determination of ToF Medium Energy Backscattering Capabilities for Interfacial Analysis
Investigation of PECVD TiO2 on Silicon
Calculation of Free Energy of Peptide-Surface Adsorption Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Molecular Simulation Studies of Protein and DNA Interactions with Surfaces
Macromolecular Dynamics: Insights from Simulation
Molecular Modeling of Adsorption-Induced Exposure of Integrin Binding Sites in Fibrinogen
Scaled Interfacial Activity of Proteins at the Liquid-Vapor Interface
Nanodevices Integrating Biomolecular Motors: Design Strategies and Applications
Nanoparticle Transport Using Microtubules and Motor Proteins
Patterned Surfaces using Masking during Plasma Deposition or Pulsed Laser Ablation
Patterning Surfaces with "Nonfouling" Oligoethylene Glycol "Bottle Brushes" by Soft Lithography and Surface-Initiated Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization
Molecular Assembly Patterning by Lift-off (MAPL): A Novel Approach to Produce Biologically Designed Micropatterns for Biosensor Applications and Cell-Surface Interaction Studies
Micrometer-scale Fibronectin Patterning for Control of Focal Adhesion Dynamics in Fibroblasts
Microengineering Surfaces to Interface with Mammalian Cells
Analyzing Lymphocyte Adhesion, Membrane Receptors and Cytoskeletal Rearrangement on Micron Scale Mitogen Patterns
Directed Motoneuron Growth on Self-Assembled Monolayer (SAM) Patterned Surfaces
Peter Mark Memorial Award Address: Epitaxial Complex Oxide Heterostructures: Electrostatic Modulation of Correlated Electron Behavior
MBE Growth and Properties of Fe-, Cr- and Mn-doped TiO2 Rutile and Anatase
Unusual Behavior of Electrical Conductivity and Thermopower Found in Mn1.68-XCu.6+X+Y+ZCo.24-YNi.48-ZO4 Thin Films
Using Strain to Control Microwave Tunability and Loss in Barium Strontium Titanate Thin Films
Displacive Phase Transition in SrTiO3 Thin Films Grown on Si(001)
Dielectric Response of Asymmetric KNbO3/KTaO3 Superlattices
The DoD Chemical Biological Defense Program: Technical Base
Framework for Technology in Homeland Security
The Role of the Science and Technology Directorate in Homeland Security
Direct Measurements of Spin Momentum Transfer Induced Dynamics
Dynamical Modes of Nanomagnets Driven by a Spin-Polarized Current
Current-Induced Precession at Ferromagnetic Interfaces
Spin-transfer Induced Magnetic Switching in Batch-fabricated sub-100 nm Spin-valves
Current-Driven Magnetization Reversal at High Magnetic Fields in Co/Cu/Co Nanopillars
Current-Triggered Domain Wall Motion in Focused Ion Beam Fabricated Magnetic Nanowires
The Science and Technology of Nanomechanical Resonant Structures
Investigation of Nanostructuring by Use of Focused Ion Beam Fine Milling
Electron Interactions in Nanoscale Focused Electron Beam Processing
BioMEMS-Based Platforms for Drug Delivery: Implantable, Ingestible, and Beyond
Flexible, Polyimide-Based Microfluidic Devices for BioMEMS
Critical Dimension and Remaining Film Thickness Within Wafer Uniformity Improvement by Advanced Process Control Based on Optical Integrated Metrology
Real-time In-situ Chemical Sensing in GaN MOCVD for Advanced Process Control
Flexible Simulation Tools for Design, Control, and Optimzation of Semiconductor Processing Systems
Spatial Uniformity as a Key Challenge in Semiconductor Process Control
In-situ Defect Metrics Based on Real-Time Sensor Integration and Analysis
Prototype Development of Four-Point Probe with 100 ┬Ám Probe-Spacing for Resistivity Measurements
Dissipation in Few Atom Systems
Quantitative Imaging of Local Electromechanical Properties of Ferroelectric Surfaces by Piezoresponse Force Microscopy
Evaluating Nanocomposite Strength at Individual Nanotube-Polymer Interfaces
Mechanics at the Nanoscale
Nanomechanics of Cytoskeletal Proteins
Effect of the Ionic Strength on a Natural Lipid Bilayer Assembling and Stability: A Force Spectroscopy(nanomechanical) Study
Electronics and Mechanics with Single Molecules
Understanding Charge Transport in Molelcular Electronics
Observation of Negative Differential Resistance Measured through Individual Molecules on Silicon at Room Temperature
Molecular Materials and Devices
Mediating Electronic Switching of Single Molecules Using Chemical Interactions
Two-Photon Photoemission Studies of Molecular Affinity Levels in Oligo-Phenylene Ethynylene Self-Assembled Monolayers
The Study of Plasma Etching Limits Using Nanometer-Scale Self-Assembled Arrays
Insights into Nanoparticle Formation Processes in a Thermal Plasma Process
Reactive Gas Condensation of Aluminum Nitride Nanoparticles
Properties of Carbon-based Nanofibers Grown by Low-pressure Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
Growth of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes Using a High Density Plasma CVD Process
Correlation between Size of Clusters and Qualities of a-Si:H Films for SiH4 High Frequency Discharges
Study of Plasma-Nanoporous Silica Surface Interactions in Fluorocarbon and O2 Discharges: Comparison with SiO2 and Organosilicate Glass
High Flux and Low Energy Neutral Beam Formation Using a Low Angle Forward Reflected Neutral Beam System
Ion-enhanced Etching of High-k Dielectric Films with Mass-analyzed Ion Beam Irradiation
Etching Characteristics of High-k Dielectric HfO2 Films in Inductively Coupled Fluorine-Containing Plasmas
Plasma Etching of High Dielectric Constant Materials on Silicon
Investigation of Etching Properties of Hafnium Oxide Based High-K Materials Using Inductively Coupled Plasma
Selective Dry Etching of SrBi2Ta2O9/CeO2 in the High Density Inductively Coupled Plasma Reactive Ion Etching
High Rate Etching of SiC in Ultrahigh Density Plasmas Excited by Electron Cyclotron Resonance
Chemical Mechanisms of Metal Etching in High Density Plasmas
Low Energy Electron Enhanced Etching (LE4) of HgCdTe and III-V Semiconductor Materials
H Transfer and Ge/Si Site Exchange during Germane Adsorption at Si(001)
Surface Interaction of SiH3 Radicals with Amorphous Silicon: Temperature Dependence of the SiH3 Surface Reactivity and the Surface Hydride Composition
Interface Structure of an Ultrathin SiO2 Film Fabricated by Ozone on Si(100)
Application of MIR-FTIR to Multilayered Structures Built on Silicon Substrate: TiCN and Al Deposition and Effects of Hydrogen Diffusion
Indium Phosphide (001)-(2x1): Evidence for a Hydrogen-Stabilized Surface Reconstruction
Chemically Resolved STM Imaging of Al on Al0.1Ga0.9As(001)-c(2x8)/(2x4)
Atomistic Mechanisms of Fermi-level Pinning at the Oxide-Semiconductor Interface
Coupling Reactions of Trifluoroethyl Iodide on GaAs(100)
Dislocation Mediated Interactions in Self-assembly: The S-induced Triangular Hole-array in Ag/Ru(0001)
Molecule-Metal Surface Interactions Evidenced Quantum Mechanically via Tip-induced CS2 Interaction with Friedel Oscillations on Au{111}
Interactions Mediated by Surface States: Lines and Ordered Overlayers1
Structural Evolution of an Atomically Rough Surface: Faceting and Alloying of Re(12-31)
Multilayer Thermal Expansion at Surfaces from Surface Core Level Shifts
The Electronic and Geometrical Structures of Ultrathin Bimetallic Films of Pd and Cu on Ru(0001)
A Novel Local Free Energy Minimum on the Cu(001)-Surface
Low Energy Electron Microscopy of the Quantum Electronic Structure and Stability of Ag Films on Fe(100)
Multilayer Optical Coatings Using Closed Field Magnetron Sputtering
Smooth Optical Thin Film Formation by Oxygen Cluster Ion Beam Assisted Depositions
Scandium and Vanadium Multilayer Mirrors: Working Towards High Reflectivity in the Extreme Ultraviolet
Improvement of Reproducibility in Deposition Rate of MgF2 Film Prepared by an rf Sputtering Technique named Keep Molecular Sputtering Method
Optical Properties and Microstructure of Plasma Deposited Ta2O5 and Nb2O5 Optical Thin Films
The Anneal Behavior of Reactively Sputtered HfN Films
Is Mass 19 in the Residual Gas of Very High Vacuum just F+?
Quartz Capillary Gas Flow Meters
Development of a Low Cost Cylindrical Magnetron for Coating Long Vacuum Vessels*
Advanced Closed Loop Control Method and Sensor for a Reactive Sputtering Drum Coater
The TRASCO-ADS Project Windowless Interface: Theoretical and Experimental Evaluation
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