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Session Wednesday, November 9, 2022
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Semi-High Throughput Investigation of 2d Materials: Anomalous Quantum Confinement Effect and Spectral Properties
Dry Patterning Chemically Sensitive Quantum Materials
Electron Transport and Charge Sensing in Strongly Coupled Quantum Dot Array in Silicon
Observation of the Layer Hall Effect in Topological Axion Antiferromagnet MnBi2Te4
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Phonon Limited Mobility and Phonon Drag in h-BN Encapsulated Monolayer and AB-stacked Bilayer Graphene
Exciton Physics at the Atomic Scale
Weyl Semimetals with Low-Symmetry Crystal Structure for Generating Out-of-Plane Oriented Spin Current
The Relation between Crystal Chemistry and Superconductivity in Actinide-Based Superconductors
Revealing The Beauty of Uranium Compounds:the UMB4 (M=V, Cr, Fe, Co, Mo, W, Re, Os) and UFexSb2 Cases
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Uranium Hydrides Revisited
Towards a Better Understanding of the Rkky Interaction in Ce- and Yb-Based Compounds: Anisotropies from Cef Effects and Fermi Surfaces
Mechanically Forced Tuning of Interactions in Tetragonal 221 Intermetallics
Effects of O2 Growth Pressure on the Magnetization of LaMnO3-SrTiO3 Thin Films
Adhesion Properties of Industrial Steel Samples
An Electrochemically Polymerized Protective Layer for Magnesium Metal Anode
Analysis of Surfaces and Interfaces in Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell and Electrolyzer Devices
XPS Analysis of Battery Materials
Novel Battery Material Analysis with High-Resolution and High-Throughput XPS
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Multimodal Analysis and Imaging of the Boehmite Layer on AA6061
Study of Csx(CH3NH3)1-xPbBr3 Perovskite with XPS Imaging and Small Area Spectra
Surface Characterization of Mineral Associated Organic Matters in Environmental Samples by Using X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS)
Probing the Impact of Nanoscale Defect Sites in Perovskite Photovoltaic Films with Time-Resolved Photoemission Electron Microscopy
Correlating Structure and Chemistry Using Ambient Pressure Photoemission and X-Ray Scattering
Gating of the 2D Hole Transport in Diamond by Subsurface Charges
Development of 0–D Argon Collisional Radiative Model conjoined with Optical Emission Spectroscopy between 1 mTorr to 760 Torr
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Atomic-Scale Modeling of Bismuth and Argon Clusters Sputtering of Water/Vacuum Interfaces
Finite-Elements Modeling of Solid-Electrolyte Interfaces in Through-Membranes Imaging and in-Liquid Scanning Probe Experiments
Development and Characterization of Highly Stable ALD Coated Catalysts for Dehydrogenation of Light Alkanes
Combining Theory with Ambient Pressure XPS to Reveal Chemistry at Interfaces Under In Situ and Operando Conditions
The Electrochemical Interface as a Reactive Environment to Resynthesize Electrode Surface Chemistry Using the Dissolution-Redeposition Dynamics
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Ambient Pressure Spectroscopy of Catalytic Porous Nanofilms
Catalytic Oxidation of Methane on IrO2(110) Films
HC Graduate Student Finalist Talk: Operando Observation of Metal Encapsulation Causing Strong Metal-Support Interaction at the Pt-Co3O4 Interface
Voltage Controlled Néel Vector Rotation in Zero Magnetic Field
Discovering Magnetic Mechanisms in Room-Temperature Metallic Antiferromagnet Fe3Ga4
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Irradiative Control of FeRh's Metamagnetic Phase Change Under Three-Dimensional Spatial Confinement Interrogated by Polarized Neutron Scattering
Decay Rate Spectroscopy for a Direct Probe of Josephson and Andreev Currents on the Atomic Scale
Machine Learning-Driven Automated Scanning Probe Microscopy: Application to Ferroelectric Materials
AVS Dorothy M. and Earl S. Hoffman Scholarship Talk: Direct Imaging of Light-Matter Interaction of 0-dimensional Excitonic Emitters using Tip-enhanced Scanning Probe Technique
Nanoscale Subsurface Depth Sensitivity of Contact Resonance Atomic Force Microscopy on Layered Films
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The Impact of Temperature on Viscoelastic Properties of Nanoscale Domains Within Polymer Composites
AFM Force Spectroscopy Combined with Machine-Learning Methods for Identifying Malaria Derived- EV Subpopulations
Hollow Cathode Enhanced Capacitively Coupled Plasmas in Ar / N2 / H2 Mixtures and Implications for Plasma Enhanced ALD
Chasing Oxygen Out of Nitrides Grown on PEALD and Thermal ALD
Area-Selective Deposition: A Bottom-Up Approach to Nanoelectronics Fabrication
The Role of Plasma in Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Epitaxy
Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition of TiAlN Thin Films: A Novel Approach for MAX-phase Synthesis
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AVS Graduate Research Awardee Talk: Temporal Evolution of Densities and Temperatures in Sub-Microsecond Pulsed Microwave Discharges
In situ Atomic Layer Doping Coupled Low-temperature Epitaxial Growth of β-Ga2O3 Films via Plasma-enhanced ALD
Plasma-Polymer Coating of Li-Metal Anodes for the Improvement of Li-Ion Batteries
Fabrication and Evaluation of Composite Thin Film Membranes for Tritium Management in Future Fusion Plants
Low-Damage Etching of Nitride Semiconductors Utilizing Photo-Electrochemical Reactions
Gan Profile Understanding During the Plasma Etching of an HEMT Recessed-Gate with a Photoresist Mask
Quantitative Characterization of Plasma-Induced Defect Creation in InP Substrates Using Conductance Analysis
Impact of Bias Power and Oxygen Addition on Selective Dry Etching of TiAlC over TiN Using N2/H2-based Plasmas
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Bulk Titanium Micromachining and Simultaneous Sidewalls Passivation for Bio-MEMS Applications
Selective Dry Etching of TiAlC over TiN using N2/H2 Plasma Chemistry
Surface Modification of CoSi through Interconnect Fabrication Processes
PbS Quantum Dots Thin Film Dry Etching
Plasma-Enabled Switchable Surfaces: Going from Molecules to Bacteria
Cisplatin-Loaded Pd Nanoparticles as Bimodal Theranostic Nanomedicine in the Tumor Treatment
Old Drugs for a Golden Future: Clinically Established Au-Based Complexes…from Repurposing to Potential Application in Nanomedicine
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Plasmonic Tuning of Go-Based Nanosheets by Plasmonic Noble Metal Nanorods for Self-Cleaning Photothermal Surfaces to Fight Surface Contamination
Green Synthesis of Metal Nanoparticles for Wound Healing Applications
Nanoparticles Loaded with Histidine Rich Peptides for Wound Healing
Development of a Predictive Model for Nb3Sn Thin Film Growth: Elucidating the Substrate-Mediated Diffusion Pathways Guiding Alloy Formation in Accelerator Infrastructure
Surface Chemical Reactions in the Oxidation of NiCr and NiCrW Alloys
High Throughput Methods for Comprehensive Study of Alloy Segregation and Structure Sensitivity
Unveiling the Ability of Rh Single Atoms to Enhance the Dissociation of Molecular Oxygen and Spillover to Cu
Understanding the Growth of Sn and Pt-Sn Clusters on Titania and Carbon Surfaces
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Single Nanoparticle Surface Chemistry: Structure-Reactivity Relationships, Evolution During Reactions, and an Approach to Ultra-High Temperature Surface Chemistry
Oxidation of Size-Selected Ag Clusters on Graphene: Bulk Motifs and Electronic Anomalies at sub-Nanoscale
Precision Engineering of Metal Nanoparticle Surfaces for Fundamental Studies of Catalytic Reactivity
Thermophysical Properties of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Thin Films Created via Vapor Phase Infiltration (VPI)
Chemical Vapor Deposition of Soft Materials for Garment-Integrated Sensor Systems and Plant Electronics
Effects of Trimethylaluminum Vapor Pressure and Exposure Time on Inorganic Loading in Vapor Phase Infiltrated PIM-1 Polymer Membranes
Elucidating the Sequential Infiltration of Trimethylaluminum and Water Into Polycarbonate Membranes and Thin Films
Kinetics of TiCl4 Vapor Phase Infiltration (VPI) into PMMA and the Resulting Thermophysical and Optical Properties of the TiO2 -PMMA Hybrids
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Effect of the Metal-Heteroatom Bond on Film Growth and Properties in Vapor-Deposited, Hybrid Metal Organic Thin Films
Oxidative Molecular Layer Deposition of Electrochemically Active Polymers
Towards High Throughput Molecular Layer Deposition of Alucone Films
Nucleation Enhancement of Ruthenium Atomic Layer Deposition Using Organometallic Molecules
Ald of Chalcogenide and III-V Materials for Memory Applications
Plasma-enhanced Spatial ALD of SiO2 investigated by gas-phase Infrared and Optical Emission Spectroscopy
Role of Al in Enhancing Growth Rate and Crystallinity in Chemical Vapor Deposition of Hf1-xAlxB2 Coatings Below 300 °C
Pushing the Limits of ALD Infilling to Produce Macroscopic Nanocomposites
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What an Experimentalist Needs from Computational Materials Science (Including Machine Learning) – Studies in Semiconductor Processing and Metrology
Computational Analysis and Design of Precursors for ALD and CVD of Metals
Dopant-selective Atomic Layer Deposition of Metals for Bottom-up Nanoelectronics
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