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Session Monday, November 3, 2003
8:20 AM 9:20 AM 10:20 AM 11:20 AM
Aqueous-derived Planar Proxies: A Connection between Surface Science and Real World Catalysts
The Role of XPS in Materials Characterization in an Industrial R&D Setting
Quantitative Depth Distribution Analysis of Hg and Na in Glass
Rutherford Backscattering Quantification of Mercury Interaction with Fluorescent Lamp Materials
Investigation of the Tribological System of Roller Bearings with TOF-SIMS
Interfacial Analysis between Amorphous Carbon Films and Glass by XPS and Improvement of Adhesion Strength at the Interface by Plasma Treatment
Determination of SiGe Film Composition and Thickness by Combined AES and Multiple-Voltage X-ray Emission Analysis
Carbon Gold Sulfide by 13.56 MHz Plasma CVD and Sputtering Process
Thickness, Dose and Distribution Measurements of Silicon Oxynitride Ultra-thin Films
Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (ToF-SIMS) and Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) Determination of Surface Bound Anti-Lysozyme Orientation
Identification of Proteins in the Presence of Topographic Features using TOF-SIMS
Immobilized Microarrays of Capture Agents for Bioassay: A Return to the Past for Protein Surface Stability?
Limitations of Molecular Streptavidin/Anti-biotin Antibody Architectures using Micro-contact Printed Biotinylated Thiols
A Comparison of Microcontact Printed and Solution Adsorbed Cytochrome c Protein Films on Indium Tin Oxide Electrodes
Using Nanografting to Position with Predictable Orientation, De-novo Proteins on Gold
Nanoscale Control of ECM Proteins for Cell Adhesion
Activity of the Model Enzyme Urease Adsorbed on Different Colloidal Oxide Particles
In situ Real-time Atomic Force Microscopy Studies of Lysozyme and RR02 Protein Crystal Growth at Surfaces
Attempting the Unthinkable: Replacing SiO2 with High-k Materials as the Gate Dielectric for Scaled Devices
Challenges and Progress on High-K Devices and Materials
First Principles Studies of the Electronic and Atomic Structures of ZrO2/Si and ZrSiO4/Si Interfaces
X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) and Spectroscopic Ellipsometry (SE) Study of Hafnium Silicate Alloys Prepared by Remote Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition: Comparisons between Conduction Band Offset Energies and Optical Band Gaps
Photoemission Study of High-k Gate Dielectric/Si(100) Heterostructures - Chemical Bonding Features and Energy Band Alignment
Separate and Independent Control of Interfacial Band Alignments and Dielectric Constants in Transition Metal-rare Earth Ternary Oxides
A Materials and Electronics Properties Study of the ZrO2/Si and SiO2 Interfaces
Interface and Materials Properties of High-k Gate Stack Structures
Development of Low Resistance Copper Thin Films Using a Strain Enhanced Grain Growth Technique
Processing and Characterization of PMSSQ Based Materials for Nanoporous Low-K Dielectrics
Multi-scale Modeling of Chemical Mechanical Planarization
Thermal Characterization of Stacked 3D System-in-Package
Advanced Clean Process by Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
Two-Gas Reactive Sputtering
Hydrogen Pressure Dependence of Trench Corner Rounding during Hydrogen Annealing
Development of a Continuous Generation/Supply System of Highly-concentrated Ozone Gas for Low-temperature Oxidation Process
Profile Control for Deep Silicon Etch by Sidewall Passivation in High Density Plasma
The Study on Deformation of ArF Photo Resist in Dry Etching
Conductance and Stability of Atom-sized Al Contacts under High Biases
In-situ Monitoring of Quantum Conductance in Electrodeposited Magnetic Point Contacts1
Quantum Dot Nucleation and Growth in a Microfluidic Reactor
Formation of 31P Qubit Test Structures by Single Ion Implantation
Spin Based Qubit Fabrication in SiGe
A Systematic Study of SiGe Quantum Fortresses and Possible Applications to Quantum Cellular Automata
Current Challenges in Nanocrystal-Quantum-Dot Lasing
Si Nanocrystal Synthesis in an Oxide Matrix: A Multiscale Computational Study
Nanocrystalline Structures in Amorphous Silica
Investigation of Nucleation and Growth of Si(Ge) Nanocrystals Embedded in HfO2 as Floating Gate for Flash Memory Devices
Coupling Molecules to Electronic Materials Chemical Bonding and Polarization Effects at Metal-Molecular Monolayer-Semiconductor Junctions
Long Range Electronic Coupling at Molecule-metal Interfaces: C60/Cu(111)
Molecule on Metal versus Metal on Molecule: The Sexiphenyl/Al Interfaces
Adsorption of Sexithiophene on Clean and Potassium-Dosed Al(111)
Interaction between Metals and Organic Semiconductors Studied by Raman Spectroscopy
Electronic Structure and Hole Injection Barriers for Pure and Substituted Phenylene Ethynylene Oligomer Self-Assembled Monolayers
Direct Double-Bond Contacts to Metal Carbides: A New Surface Functionalization Reaction
Study of Transport Through Organic Molecules on Semiconductor Surfaces Using STM-SPV
Contact Effects in Molecular Junctions
Not Quite 50 Years of Plasma Etching
Chemical Topography Analyses of Photoresist Patterns Exposed to HBr/O2 and Cl2/O2 Trimming Plasma Processes
Aspect Ratio Dependent Etching in the Si-Treatment Process of the Source and Drain Area of sub 90 nm Devices
Loading Effect Study on Cl2+HBr Plasma Etching of Polysilicon
Pattern Deformations during Resist Trimming Process and its Suppression by He-diluted O2/SO2 Chemistry
On the Roughness of Etched Silicon
Investigation of Trim Etching Process for Formation of Si/High-K Gate Stack
50nm Gate Electrode Patterning using a Neutral Beam Etching System
Surface and Reactor Dynamics Governing Photoresist Trim and Organic BARC Open Plasma Processing
3-Dimensional Modeling of Pulsed Inductively Coupled Plasmas: A Method to Improve Uniformity1
Modules for an XPS Expert System: Applications in Corrosion Science
Auger Electron Spectroscopy: Reducing Measurement Uncertainty
Molecular Characterization of Biomaterials with ToF-SIMS Imaging
Extrinsic and Intrinsic Excitations in Ge and Si Photoelectron Spectra
Multivariate Analysis for XPS Spectral Imaging1
III-Nitride Epitaxy on Oxide Substrates: New Understanding and Novel Device Alternatives
Ion-Beam-Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy of GaN
Optimizing AlGaN-GaN Heterostructures by MOCVD for Microwave Electronics
Improvement of Optical and Electrical Properties in Blue Light-Emitting Diodes with InGaN-based Triangular-Shaped Quantum Wells
Optical Studies on the Incorporation of Carbon as a Dopant in Cubic GaN
Effect of Substrate Temperature on Crystal Orientation and Residual Stress in RF Sputtered Gallium Nitride Films
Formation of Zinc-blende-structure GaN Thin Films on Si Substrates by Radio Frequency Planar Magnetron Sputter Deposition
Nanomechanical Testing of Films and Coatings
Molecular-Scale Tribology in Model SAMs and Amorphous Carbon Films
Thin Film Growth by PVD in the Presence of Residual Gas
John A. Thornton Memorial Award Address: Advances in Reactive Sputtering Processing Technology
Angular Distribution of Cl Atom Products from Direct and Precursor-Mediated Hyperthermal Abstractive Chemisorption of Cl2/Al(111)
Photoinduced Electron Transfer Chemistry and Dissociation of Adsorbed CO2: Harnessing Å-Scale Molecular Acceleration Towards a Surface
Adsorption Dynamics and Desorption Kinetics of Argon and Methane on MgO(100)
Adsorption of CO on Rutile (1x1)-TiO2(110): A Molecular Beam Study
Ultra-Low Coverage Spontaneous Etching and Hyperthermal Desorption of Aluminum Chlorides from Cl2 on Al(111)
Probing the Vibrational State-Resolved Gas-Surface Dynamics of Polyatomic Molecules Without the Laser
Kinetics of H Atom Adsorption on Si(100) at 325 - 600 K
Charge Exchange between Metal Ions and Surfaces
Atomic Level Explanation of the Compensation Effect in Heterogeneous Catalysis
Formation of Surface Cyanide through Carbon-Nitrogen Coupling Reactions on Pt(111)
The Effect of Atomic Steps on the Adsorption and Desorption of CO on Ru(109)
Medard W. Welch Award Address: Get Real ! --- The Importance of Complexity for Understanding the Function of Surfaces
CO and Ethylene Dissociation on Ni(111): Influence of Steps
From Atomic Scale Reactant Ordering to Mesoscale Pattern Formation: CO Oxidation on Pd(100)
The Correlation between the Electronic Structure and the Energetics of CO Chemisorption on Pd/Re (0001) Surfaces
Chemisorption Bond Weakening on Finite Size Terraces: CO on the Stepped Ru(109) Surface Compared to Ru(001)
Orientation of N2O on Pd (110) and Rh(110) at Low Temperatures
Determining Diffusion Mechanisms Using STM
Surface Characterization and Inter-diffusion Study of Copper on Ruthenium Thin Film Deposited on Silicon Substrate
Dynamics of Surface Alloys: Decay of 2D Islands on Pb/Cu(111)
Edge Diffusion on Spiral Steps on Pb(111) Microfacets*
Sb-mediated Ge and Si Growth on Ge(001)
The Frustrated Alloying of Ge on Ultra-Flat Si(001)
New Diffusion Mechanisms on Amorphous Surfaces
Mobility of Nanostructures on the Surface of a Desorbing Solid: Friction at the Nanoscale
Time-space Height Correlations of Thermally Fluctuating 2-d Systems; Application to Vicinal Surfaces and Analysis of STM Images
STM Tip-induced Translation through Excitations of the H2O and D2O Bending Modes on Pd(111)
Advancements in ALD Chemistry
Incorporation and Control of Silica in Hafnium Silicates using Atomic Layer Deposition Techniques
In-situ Infrared Analysis of Atomic Layer Deposition Half-Reactions: Hafnium Diethyl- Amide Adsorption and Dissociation on SiO2 and HfO2
Characteristics of Hafnium Aluminate Films for Gate Dielectric Applications Deposited by Atomic Layer Deposition Method
Atomic Layer Deposition of Transition Metal Films
Demonstration of AlN ALD Using Hydrazine as the Nitrogen Precursor
Low Temperature Deposition of SiN using Sequential Exposures of Si2Cl6 and NH3
Atomic Layer Deposition on Fine Particles
Fifty Years of Vacuum Science
The Measurement of Vacuum;1950-2003
Major Advances in Capture Pumps in the Last 50 Years
Major Advances in Transfer Pumps; 1953-2003
The Development of Ultrahigh and Extreme High Vacuum Technology for Physics Research1
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